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Museumotel by Pascal Hausermann


A true architectural classics coming from the talented architect Pascal Hausermann who shaped his vision into the impressive hotel named Museumotel.


About the Project:

Utopian architecture and a surrealist vision born of Pascal Hausermann's imagination in Raon l'Etape in the Vosges region of north-eastern France, the Museumotel opened in 1967 as a succession of buildings in the shape of "cells, shells or diving bells", according o press reports of the time. Composed of a module shell in polyurethane foam protected by reinforced polyester, each of the nine rooms offers a revolutionary hotel expiriance. Having seen it fall into desuse and go bankrupt in 1995, a group of young people from the region fell in love with the hotel and revived it in 2007: pop in style, the renovated interior spaces orchestrate a retro trip, while the sealed architecture still looks visionary, even after 55 years.

Project: Museumotel
Designed by Pascal Hausermann
Location: Raon-l'Etape, France

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