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  • K Architectures

    K Architectures designs L’Arche – Micheville Cultural Center in Villerupt, France

    K Architectures has completed works on L’Arche, a new cultural center in Villerupt, France.Villerupt was established on the border with Luxembourg on subsoil that was originally rich in iron ore. It grew as a result of the massive development of the use of this resource, going from 560 people in 1861 to almost 16,000 people […] More

  • opus 5

    Chessy Cultural Centre by OPUS 5

    OPUS 5 architectes has recently completed the new Chessy cultural center. One of the few remaining large-scale farms in the Brie region, the historic Tournelles farm is now home to this establishment. In the grips of urban sprawl, the location is a “in-between,” a bridge, and a last bastion of rural life. The village of […] More

  • HEMAA Architectes

    Les Coteaux Fleuris School by HEMAA Architectes + Hesters Oyon

    HEMAA Architectes have completed works on the “Les Coteaux Fleuris School” in the village of Heudobouville, France. HEMAA Architectes and Hesters Oyon created a modern learning space that is already primed for future growth. This new school is connected to the Norman settlement of Heudebouville and is situated on a spectacular setting with the slopes […] More

  • Jean-Pierre Lott Architecte

    Jean-Pierre Lott Architecte designs Le Studium

    Jean-Pierre Lott Architecte recently completed Le Studium, a new University library, learning center, and the University of Strasbourg Press in Strasbourg, France. The idea was born out of the University of Strasbourg’s ambition to equip itself with a unique structure that would serve as both a library and a student union facility, similar to a […] More

  • Offices of Le Betteravier français by Jules Brisson

    The Paris head office of Le Betteravier Français, the trade publication for the sugar beet sector since 1952, have been completely reimagined by architect and designer Jules Brisson. The space’s limited use resulted from the fact that it was made up of small offices that led off a dimly lit hallway. The proposal was born out of […] More

  • Faculty of Medicine of Kremlin-Bicêtre by Pargade Architectes

    Pargade Architectes recently delivered the extension of the Faculty of Medicine, at the heart of the Kremlin-Bicêtre University Hospital site. The project expresses its intent to establish a world-class center for French education and research that is accessible to the public and the scientific community. It boasts an amazing panoramic view of Paris and its […] More

  • Moussafir Architectes

    Moussafir Architectes design Immeuble Vertbois

    Jacques Moussafir has completed the rehabilitation of a 1970s building in the heart of Paris’s Marais, in the 3rd arrondissement, transforming it into a mixed-use commercial location with offices and flats. Inside Outside studio (Amsterdam) stepped in to create a 10m curtain façade. In this area of France’s 30-year post-World War II economic boom, the […] More

  • PietriArchitectes

    The Sequoias – PietriArchitectes design 76 housing units

    PietriArchitectes deigned a housing project for the city of Massy in the department of Essonne (91). This project, called The Sequoias, is part of an urban complex designed by Leclercq Associés and is unique in that it is located in a biodiverse environment. As a result, the architectural design was geared toward conservation and preservation of […] More

  • PietriArchitectes

    PietriArchitectes design 36 Ferragus – A New Housing Project for the City of Aubervilliers

    PietriArchitectes designed a brand-new housing project for the city of Aubervilliers – 36 Ferragus. The project is part of an effort to requalify the Aubervilliers downtown districts. In order to meet the needs of the project and its surroundings, the studio decided to create the expansion using wood construction and a prefabrication approach. requirements.The project […] More

  • Hessamfar & Vérons and Moon Safari deliver Cap Leeuwin

    Hessamfar & Vérons and Moon Safari deliver Cap Leeuwin

    The architecture companies Hessamfar & Vérons and Moon Safari just completed Cap Leeuwin, a new mixed-use lot in Bordeaux, France. This operation is part of the Bassins à Flot urban revitalization initiative, and it brings together four separate programmatic entities: offices, a 3-star hotel with 124 rooms, a residential hotel with 128 studios, and an […] More

  • Hérault Arnod Architectures design Espace Mayenne in Laval, France

    Hérault Arnod Architectures has recently completed its latest project in Laval, France – Espace Mayenne, a multipurpose building that has a conference room, a gymnasium with a climbing wall for international competitions, and a big sports and entertainment venue with seating for 4,500 people. Other areas can be found in addition to these three primary […] More

  • Renzo Piano Building Workshop designs Paris Courthouse

    Renzo Piano Building Workshop designs Paris Courthouse

    Renzo Piano Building Workshop designed the Paris Courthouse, the largest law courts complex in Europe. The project consists of a thin, translucent 160-meter tower of stacked volume. A five to eight story Pedestal incorporates the lower portion of the Tower as a starting point for the repair and renovation of the area near the Porte […] More

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