Desert Rose by IK-architects

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Desert Rose IK-architects

Desert Rose is a private house in the middle of a desert, just like a desert flower or an oasis. Desert Rose is work of IK-architects who shared with us their project.

Desert RoseDesert Rose IK-architectsDesert RoseDesert Rose IK-architectsDesert RoseDesert Rose IK-architectsDesert RoseDesert Rose

From the Architects:

Private house Desert Rose
This desert rose
Whose shadow bears the secret promise
This desert flower
No sweet perfume that would torture you more than this The house in the desert like an oasis for the traveler. Shadows formed by pergolas and awnings, cozy little corners for barbecue and light lounge – area outside. In the terrace zone the area of ​​the first floor is dissolved through a dark mirrored glass, like a mirage of a hot day. The combination of burning in the sun copper and the cold concrete plays with associations of hot days and cold nights in the desert.

Project: Desert Rose
Designed by IK-architects
Architect: Kateryna Iarova
Visualizer: Andrew Rodych
Website: ik-architects.com

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