Grow Your House Value with These Gardening Tips

Are you currently considering the possibility of selling your home, but before doing so, are looking for ways to increase its overall value? Aside from the common methods such as undertaking a loft conversion or modernizing the kitchen, giving your garden a makeover could bear fruit of a very sweet variety.

You see, the garden is often the overlooked portion of the house when it comes to putting it on the market. After all, what can you really do to the garden’s design regarding adding value to the property? If you’re asking that question to yourself, make sure to read on for some helpful tips that will provide the answer.

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Less is more

This might seem like a strange way to start things off, but the saying ‘less is more’ is certainly something to ponder when designing your garden.

For example, if you are aiming towards the family market, you would be best advised going with a large patch of grass that would give plenty of space for children to play. On the other end of the scale, older buyers might be more inclined to have plenty of flower beds, bushes and other areas that need frequent care and attention. However, overloading the garden with plants might scare off buyers, as it gives agriculturalists too much to do, and less opportunity to add their own touches.

Install patio/decking

If your garden doesn’t already feature one, the inclusion of a patio or decking is highly recommended. People like to spend time outside and enjoy their garden (and also have a space for entertaining guests), and with a patio – complete with plenty of seating – they can do so in comfort. Add some specialist patio heaters and lighting, and it allows for year-round enjoyment of the garden.

Add a touch of luxury

Incorporating a luxurious item into the garden’s design is a great way to add a focal point that also doubles as a selling aspect. Items such as a hot tub, custom-built barbecue or even a summerhouse can add plenty to the appeal of the garden.

Be warned, however: a major luxury like a swimming pool can actually have a detrimental effect on overall returns when selling your house. This is not just because of the large outlay to get the pool installed, but also due to general maintenance costs.

Get in an expert

You might have plenty of ideas of your own, but hiring a specialist landscaper will guarantee that your plans – and also their concepts – get implemented properly and to a high standard.
Now, while we understand you are trying to maximize profit, it is imperative that you bring in a professional and don’t settle for the cheap option. Hiring someone that is unproven and with a lack of references could come back to bite you in the long run.

Another avenue is to do it yourself. Not only does this lessen costs, but you may find a secret passion of yours. Afterwards, if you’ve found you’ve incredibly enjoyed landscaping your own garden, U.S. Lawns offers the chance to join the best commercial landscaping business. Start your own landscaping franchise; be trained on the job, and put your passion to good use. After all, studies have shown that people running their own business are much happier in life; so, what’s stopping you from turning your landscaping hobby into a fully-fledged career opportunity?

Images from Bare House by Jacobs-Yaniv Architects

Demoiselle by Galvin by DesignLSM

São Paulo Residence by Perkins+Will