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House 50.50 by Celula.Urbana

House 5050 by Celula.Urbana

Celula.Urbana designed this impressive contemporary brick house located in Santo Tomé, Argentina, in 2015. Take a look at the complete story below.

House 5050 (1) House 5050 (2) House 5050 (3) House 5050 (4) House 5050 (5) House 5050 (6) House 5050 (7) House 5050 (8) House 5050 (9) House 5050 (10) House 5050 (11)

Banks of river Coronda
Thinking of a living space it is always complex if it is understood as a link between the implicit customs- meaning culture-, socio-physical needs that each individual brings with himself, and environment-context where the work is projected. The space and limits incorporated as a shelter bring the challenge of migrating to another condition, place, from a chronotopic conception.
It all starts with a wonderful landscape, typical of the coast, where wetlands and biodiversity stay around. From the very beginning it was sought to reflect on two principal elements that shape the necessity of shelter and ground and ceiling planes. It is there where the designer stops to think about the possibilities based on the limits: both budget and human and technological resources that are provided by the context. From Celula.Urbana – Facebook fan page- it seeks to have fully present all the resources available to arrange the items efficiently, within an aesthetic that gives a sustainable morphology to the surrounding medium. Matter is how far the logic of its structure (matter) is twinned from conception of living.
House 50.50 is constituted as a cover broken surface, that comes off of the walls offering significant amounts of light, air and green. Taking advantage of the optimal position that the land provides, efficient flush ceiling cross ventilation that airs out spaces just in seconds after they were opened, is achieved. Mixed structure, double rasata walls and generous metal structure that rises linking both sides to gain greater rigidity possible, are each articulated by full and empty gallery and green. The gallery, designed as the articulation between the artificial and the natural, gains relevance in a project that has fifty square meters (50 m2) covered and fifty square meters (50 m2) semi-covered. This partially covered space is the space that allows welfare and comfort of the whole, it is the dimension where the arrival occurs, the first contact, cherishing the perimeter and giving planes of shadow as well as visual sharpness to the landscape. The house is Gallery, as well as the gallery is the house.

Photography by Ramiro Sosa


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