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  • Los Cerezos House by OPACO Studio

    OPACO Studio has recently completed their latest residential project in Córdoba, Argentina – Los Cerezos House. The residence, spanning an impressive 350.00m2, seamlessly combines noble materials and clean lines to create a space that is not only elegant but also timeless. Los Cerezos House welcomes visitors with a facade adorned by a wooden lattice volume, […] More

  • EEG Estudio Echaniz Gallo

    Coworking Casa FOA by EEG Estudio Echaniz Gallo

    EEG Estudio Echaniz Gallo has unveiled their latest project – Coworking Casa FOA. The project, located in the vibrant Barrio Manantiales in Córdoba, Argentina, spans an impressive constructed area of 130m2. The office is a captivating blend of natural elements, cutting-edge design, and sustainable features that redefine the coworking experience. Flowing Spaces and Natural Harmony […] More

  • LST Arquitectura

    San Matias house by LST Arquitectura

    Architecture office LST Arquitectura has recently completed works on this stunning private residence situated in Escobar, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The San Matias house is arranged based on a programmatic layout that considers both sunshine and direction, as well as vast vistas towards the exterior, due to its installation on a huge lot. Two levels of […] More

  • CASTELLINO ARQUITECTOS Transform the ÁBACO Decoration Store

    With a legacy rooted in pushing boundaries, the Argentina-based CASTELLINO ARQUITECTOS continuously merges aesthetics with functionality. Their most recent testament to this dedication is the revival of the ÁBACO decoration store in Villa Carlos Paz, a project that encapsulates their innovative spirit and commitment to sustainable transformation. The Resurgence of Vintage Spaces Cities are an […] More

  • Ignacio Szulman arquitecto

    Casa Aguas Buenas by Ignacio Szulman arquitecto

    Ignacio Szulman arquitecto has breathed new life into a traditional “chorizo” house, a heritage-style architecture found abundantly throughout the city of Buenos Aires. The architect took on the task of reimagining this classic structure, and the result is Casa Aguas Buenas, a breathtaking example of contemporary design seamlessly blended with historic charm. The typical “chorizo” […] More

  • Nicolas Pinto da Mota

    Chapadmalal House by Nicolas Pinto da Mota

    Architect Nicolas Pinto da Mota has recently completed this latest residential project nestled in the charming coastal town of Chapadmalal, the Chapadmalal House. This striking summer house, situated amidst a picturesque meadow of sparsely occupied lots, has been hailed as a remarkable fusion of innovative design and environmental sustainability. The Chapadmalal House project challenges traditional […] More

  • Pablo Gagliardo

    CASA IL by Arq. Pablo Gagliardo

    Architect Pablo Gagliardo has completed his latest residential project in Rosario, Argentina – Casa IL. Nestled within a secure gated community just a stone’s throw away from Rosario, this single-family home is captivating the architectural world with its innovative design and striking features. At first glance, Casa IL appears as an architectural marvel, a symphony […] More


    BAKÚ Boutique by BROA + CONCRETIO

    Architecture firm BROA + CONCRETIO has recently completed its latest project in the vibrant neighborhood of Colegiales, Buenos Aires – BAKÚ Boutique. The building is already making waves with its innovative design, sustainable features, and commitment to modern living. Standing tall on Teodoro García street, BAKÚ Boutique boasts a commanding presence with its 9.85-meter frontage […] More

  • Landscape Viewpoint House by AP architects

    Nestled within the breathtaking Paravachasca Valley in the city of Alta Gracia, the newly completed Landscape Viewpoint House stands as a testament to architectural brilliance. Designed by AP architects, this stunning residence is set to offer temporary rentals in one of Argentina’s most picturesque settings. Surrounded by rolling hills, lush native flora, a meandering stream, […] More

  • RBK arquitectura

    Dominga House by RBK arquitectura

    RBK arquitectura has recently completed work on CASA DOMINGA. This newly developed property has successfully transformed an existing two-story chalet-style house from the late seventies into a modern, spacious dwelling that embodies the aspirations of its residents. Sustainable Transformation The renovation process at the core of Dominga House is one that has been guided by […] More

  • estudioLZ

    MAGNOLIA by estudioLZ

    estudioLZ has recently completed work on their latest residential project in Villa Allende, Córdoba, Argentina. MAGNOLIA is an exquisite housing complex featuring a collection of eight thoughtfully designed houses, seamlessly integrated with two pre-existing residences. Situated on a generous 1,370 m2 plot, this architectural gem finds itself nestled in the northern periphery of the vibrant […] More

  • Arpon Arquitectura

    Arpon Arquitectura designs CR House in La Deseada

    Arpon Arquitectura has has recently completed their latest residential project situated the picturesque landscape of La Deseada neighborhood in Córdoba – the CR House. Designed to cater to the needs of a family comprising two adults and three young girls, this architectural marvel seamlessly blends panoramic vistas with dynamic social spaces, capturing the essence of […] More

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