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  • Modern Urban Corner Reimagined by MZ Architects

      MZ architects envisioned a building typology that was adaptable and capable of accommodating modern family dynamics while expressing this through a fluid arrangement of spaces. The ground floor was designed as a large, flexible area encompassing the living room, kitchen, dining room, and a multifunctional barbecue space, all connected without rigid barriers. Adjustable aluminum partitions […] More

  • Casa Solar by Pablo Senmartin Arquitectos: Redefining Sustainable Living

    Casa Solar by Pablo Senmartin Arquitectos is not only a structure but an exploration of space, focusing on the voids left by physical forms. This innovative architectural concept, commissioned by a family valuing natural beauty and environmental harmony, situates the house within a stunning 1850 square meter plot in Villa Parque Siquiman. The design contemplates the […] More

  • The House of 7 Courtyards by Arquitectura Spinetta Studio

    Situated within the verdant expanses of Funes, Argentina, stands an architectural creation- “The House of the 7 Courtyards” by Arquitectura Spinetta studio, beautifully captured by Ramiro Sosa. This remarkable house, on a sprawling plot of land, emerged from a vision that spanned four years and three phases of construction. Despite the challenges posed by a […] More

  • Casa Piedra: Elegant Family Home in Córdoba’s North Area

    Located in the scenic landscape of Córdoba’s North area, Casa Piedra by Opaco Studio stands as an example of innovative design and thoughtful functionality. Situated on a terrain with a negative slope, the decision to position the main floor below street level was made to maximize openness towards the patio and capture breathtaking views. Captured through […] More

  • JARQ Studio’s Casa Los Molles: Redefining Mountain Living

    In the picturesque mountains of Córdoba, Argentina, JARQ Studio had a unique architectural challenge—to push the limits of local regulations while preserving the essence of a Central European village landscape. The client’s desire for a distinctive home within these constraints sparked the creation of a dwelling that breaks the mold of its neighbors. From the […] More

  • Biofarma’s Architectural Legacy: Santiago Viale y Asociados’ Executive Office Project

    Biofarma, a distinguished company specializing in the production and distribution of animal feed for poultry, swine, and cattle industries, has made significant strides in the agricultural sector. The genesis of Biofarma’s flagship industrial plant can be traced back to a competitive initiative where they clinched the top spot by presenting an innovative master plan for […] More

  • Mateo Gagliardo’s Sustainable Living Project in Entre Ríos

      Nestled in the enchanting wetlands of the Paraná River Delta on “El Chiringüe” island, Mateo Gagliardo‘s architectural project emerges as a harmonious interplay between nature and design, a testament to innovative living in one of Argentina’s most beautiful ecosystems. This project, situated along the Lechiguana Stream in the province of Entre Ríos, is crafted […] More

  • ARP Architects Shape A Modern Home in Argentina

    BP House by ARP Architects in Argentina, which has a fully urban feel to it, located in the northern part of our city of Cordoba merges contemporary with functionality of modern living. It is just over 3390 square feet on a single story and sits on a plot that is 6889 square feet in size. […] More

  • Los Cerezos House by OPACO Studio

    OPACO Studio has recently completed their latest residential project in Córdoba, Argentina – Los Cerezos House. The residence, spanning an impressive 350.00m2, seamlessly combines noble materials and clean lines to create a space that is not only elegant but also timeless. Los Cerezos House welcomes visitors with a facade adorned by a wooden lattice volume, […] More

  • EEG Estudio Echaniz Gallo

    Coworking Casa FOA by EEG Estudio Echaniz Gallo

    EEG Estudio Echaniz Gallo has unveiled their latest project – Coworking Casa FOA. The project, located in the vibrant Barrio Manantiales in Córdoba, Argentina, spans an impressive constructed area of 130m2. The office is a captivating blend of natural elements, cutting-edge design, and sustainable features that redefine the coworking experience. Flowing Spaces and Natural Harmony […] More

  • LST Arquitectura

    San Matias house by LST Arquitectura

    Architecture office LST Arquitectura has recently completed works on this stunning private residence situated in Escobar, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The San Matias house is arranged based on a programmatic layout that considers both sunshine and direction, as well as vast vistas towards the exterior, due to its installation on a huge lot. Two levels of […] More

  • CASTELLINO ARQUITECTOS Transform the ÁBACO Decoration Store

    With a legacy rooted in pushing boundaries, the Argentina-based CASTELLINO ARQUITECTOS continuously merges aesthetics with functionality. Their most recent testament to this dedication is the revival of the ÁBACO decoration store in Villa Carlos Paz, a project that encapsulates their innovative spirit and commitment to sustainable transformation. The Resurgence of Vintage Spaces Cities are an […] More

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