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Urumqi North Terminal 1 by HKS Architects

Urumqi Terminal HKS

Project: Urumqi North Terminal 1
Designed by HKS, Inc.
Location: Urumqi, Provice of Xinjiang, China
A modern project for Urumqi North Terminal 1 in growing Chinese city of Urumqi, comes from HKS Architects.

Urumqi Terminal HKSUrumqi Terminal HKSUrumqi Terminal HKSUrumqi Terminal HKSUrumqi Terminal HKSUrumqi Terminal HKS

About the Project:

The inspiration for the architectural design concept for 'Urumqi North Terminal 1' was derived through three main elements:

Landscape. The textures and lines prevalent in both the rugged mountains and smooth flowing desert areas provide inspiration for the architectural expression. Bright colors can be found in the strata of the various mountains and rock faces. It is this very specific form and color that inspires the architectural design.

Culture. The culture of the Xinjiang region is influenced by a multitude of diverse countries. From Russia and Mongolia to the north, to Kazakhstan to the east and India and Nepal to the south, this region's history is rich in tradition, color and textiles. The same colors that are present in the landscape are found throughout the various fabrics, patterns and textures in traditional clothing. It is this very specific color palette and prominent textile pattern that is represented in the architectural building skin.

The 'Silk Road's' quest. The rich history of the Silk Road refers to a historical network of interlinking trade routes that connected Asia with the European world, the 'Silk Road' is characterised by the meaning, 'a continuous journey', and represents an extended 4,000 mile excursion. The Silk Road gets its name from the lucrative Chinese silk trade, which began during the Han Dynasty and in several respects helped lay the foundations for the modern world. It is this very path in which we draw inspiration for the architectural expression through representation of colorful silk movement in the wind.

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