Make a Bold Design Statement With Black Peel & Stick Wallpaper

This dramatic hue makes a statement in any room – ARCHISCENE editors also give a few image solutions in renders of a hotel room:

Can you miss black wallpaper in a room? No! This dramatic hue makes a statement in any room. But whether it exudes gloom or style comes down to how you use the wallpaper. Black wallpaper can easily be considered an extravagant addition to a room, elevating its aesthetics, and making it worthy of a second look. The same wallpaper can cast shadows and gloom in the same space.


So, how do you ensure that your wallpaper makes the desired statement? Let’s find out!

How Can You Use Black Wallpaper?

Do you know the easiest way to avoid having a gloomy space? By inviting color! Bringing in another color reduces the dramatic effect brought on by black wallpaper. On its own, black is a masculine color. The masculinity increases when you use this hue in a room with many sharp angles. As a result, the room may end up feeling like an office and not a fun one. So, by introducing black custom peel and stick wallpaper, you reduce the effect and make the space livelier and more livable. But what colors can impart harmony in the room and lend it a bit of femininity?

Black and White

Can you go wrong with the classics? As much as interior designers always try to bring in new trends, they never forget the classics. Why? Because some looks will never go out of style. Whether in black peel & stick wallpaper or clothes or even cutlery, black and white combos always work the magic. Plus, they can even work in minimalist designs, enabling you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

How can you pair black and white wallpaper? Easy! You can either get wallpaper with both hues or buy the shades separately. Either way, the goal is to have both colors playing into each other, giving off bright and dark vibes and creating a balance. You can work with geometric patterns, embrace stripes, or even go with floral prints. The size does not even matter because the two complement each other all the way.

Black and Beige

Not sure about the classic look? Here’s an easy twist. Rather than go with a white combo, you can also bring in beige hues. They work just as well as white hues but with more softness. For example, the black and white combo might feel a bit too bright and rigid in a living room. Warmer colors work in relaxing spaces, and beige would be a good idea in this case. It would still complement the depth of the black hue while adding a bit more femininity to the space.

Black and Green

Just as black works with white and beige, it also works great with green. This combination might not seem like the most likely choice, but it works. The good thing? – green has a ton of shades, and you will not run out of possible combinations. Whether you are going for light greens to give off tropical vibes or working with dark greens for that forest-like allure, you will be right on track. Do not shy away from using floral prints or botanical patterns when working with green and black combos. Where can you use such combos? Anywhere! From your kitchen to your patio down to your dining room, this tropical allure will work the magic each time. It helps keep things looking fresh, so why not?

Black and Gray

If you’re designing a space that leans on modern trends, you will appreciate this combo. People look to it for its present ability and hint of sophistication. It would work great in a home office where you want the room to feel formal while still adding a bit of playfulness. Be careful, though, when working with grays. Some grays are so dark that instead of complementing the black, they would only make the room feel gloomy. You do not want people to walk into the room and feel claustrophobic or out of their element. To avoid this, work with lighter grays. A silver gray would be a great choice in this case.

Black and Blue

How about bringing in a cool vibe to the space? If you’re looking to turn heads by going for an unusual look, this is it. Of course, given the boldness of both hues, you will need to think about the design, and how it plays in with the other accessories in the room. You are much safer working with neutral-colored furniture and adding a few pieces here and there to complement the wallpaper. But as you may have guessed, this combo can easily become an accent wall, and you will not want to introduce an element of competition. Please keep it simple and allow everything else to fall into place. This design mainly works for men’s interiors like bachelor pad bedrooms and man caves.

Black and Purple

Two dark colors- how can you combine them and avoid making the room feel too dark? It’s easy! Like with the black and blue combo, the key lies in the accessories. You need to ensure that they complement the wallpaper. For example, metallic surfaces introduce light reflection and make the room feel lighter and airier, avoiding the closed-in feel. If you like this idea, you may also be willing to try a black and turquoise combo which is an interesting way to show off your interior décor skills.

Black and Gold

How can you achieve an elegant and expensive-looking interior without breaking the bank? Here’s a clue- it involves buying wallpaper! If your guess is a black and gold combo, you are on the right track. These hues complement each other and give off a luxurious yet subtle vibe. Of course, like with the black and blue combo, you will need to take it easy with your accessories. Otherwise, if most of your accessories are also luxurious, the room may feel off instead of achieving an elegant space. Consider working with more neutrals or plain bright colors to avoid creating a busy look.

Are these the only color combos you can try? Not even close. You can work with other colors from yellow to red to pink down to brown. The goal is to create a balance and avoid making the room too dark or masculine. Good luck!

Images above feature solutions rendered by ARCHISCENE’s interior design editors, and present use of such a wallpaper in a contemporary hotel room. 

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