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  • Annabel Karim Kassar’s ‘Travelling’ Debuts at Milan’s Salone 2024

    Debuting at Università degli Studi di Milano in Milan for Salone from 15th – 28th April, Karim Kassar’s sensory showcase celebrates the complexities of human existence. Annabel Karim Kassar, the renowned French-Lebanese architect and designer, is set to present her latest creation, Travelling, which will take up residence in Milan this Spring for Salone del […] More

  • Woo Furniture Launches Innovative Designs at Rho Fiera Exhibition

    As they showcase their latest offerings alongside timeless bestsellers, Woo exhibited their designs at Pavilion 5 of the Rho Fiera, allowing visitors to witness the combination of Ukrainian craftsmanship and innovative design. Among the highlights of Woo’s exhibition are the BUN armchair, the BIBLIO table series, and the URBAN chair, each a testament to the […] More

  • Kristalia Introduces Next-Gen Living Solutions

    Kristalia, the renowned Italian design brand, made a striking return at the Salone del Mobile with an installation that revolved around CONDOMINIO, a living project epitomizing Kristalia’s vision of total living, in collaboration with Personal Spaces by MD House. Condominio, representing the modern residential archetype, served as the canvas for imagining new living scenarios, showcasing […] More

  • LINTELOO Presents ‘Touch & Feel’ Collection

      Successful design transcends mere visual appeal; it engages all the senses, inviting touch, stimulating emotions, and creating an immersive experience. At the 2024 Salone del Mobile, LINTELOO presented a collection that epitomizes this ethos. Under the theme ‘Touch & Feel,’ the showcase highlighted designs that entice tactile exploration  and evoke deep emotional connections. SALONE DEL […] More

  • Porro’s Showcase at Milan Design Week

    Under a high-pitched roof in Hall 11 at the Salone del Mobile Milano, the new Porro space invites exploration with its airy interiors and versatile furniture. From calming Nordic-inspired designs to bold compositions with vibrant hues, visitors can experience a range of moods. Standout pieces like the System HT bookshelves and the Ventiquattro table by […] More

  • SEYUN Showcase: ZHD and Karimoku Merge Talents

    The collaborative venture between Zaha Hadid Design (ZHD) and Karimoku Furniture marks a milestone in the world of furniture design, showcased through the exhibition “Hybridisation – ZAHA HADID DESIGN × Karimoku” at Milan Design Week 2024. SEYUN, the resultant brand, emerges as a blend of ZHD’s avant-garde design philosophy and Karimoku Furniture’s unparalleled craftsmanship. This […] More

  • Alcova 2024: Introducing the Future of Design

    The seventh edition of Alcova, renowned as an international platform for contemporary design, promises to captivate audiences once again. This year, the event takes on a twist as it unfolds within the historic settings of two iconic villas in the Milan metropolitan area: Villa Bagatti Valsecchi and Villa Borsani. Alcova has firmly established itself as […] More

  • Hermès Celebrates Tradition at Milan Design Week 2024

    This year at Milan Design Week, Hermès blends the old and the new with a collection that encompasses both fresh designs and timeless treasures from its rich heritage. Intertwining the past with the present, Hermès objects defy the constraints of time, embodying an ageless elegance that speaks to the Maison’s enduring legacy. As visitors explore […] More

  • Pedrali at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024: #ColoursofLightness

    With a legacy spanning 61 years, Pedrali is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, embodying the essence of 100% Made in Italy craftsmanship. This year, Pedrali is set to present eleven new collections, showcasing a fusion of creativity and functionality, both indoors and outdoors. These collections are the culmination of internal research and […] More

  • Acerbis Acquired by MDF Italia: Presents Dynamic Future

    Acerbis, a pillar of Italian furniture design with over 150 years of history, continues its legacy of innovation under new leadership and creative direction. Following its acquisition by MDF Italia and the appointment of Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces as creative directors, the brand embarks on a dynamic new chapter. Collaborations with esteemed designers […] More

  • Durat Unveils “PORTA DEI COLORI” Installation

    Durat, a pioneer in sustainable solid surface materials, returns to Milano Design Week with an innovative installation titled “PORTA DEI COLORI.” Conceptualized and designed by renowned Finnish designer Linda Bergroth, this installation celebrates the convergence of circular economy principles, creativity, and aesthetic. Located at Alcova within the historic Villa Bagatti Valsecchi, the installation offers a […] More

  • MDF Italia’s Sustainable Furniture Debuts at Salone del Mobile

    MDF Italia‘s presence at the Salone del Mobile 2024 marks a significant moment in the company’s history, as it presents a diverse collection of products that blend heritage with innovation. The event showcases a fusion of renowned partnerships alongside collaborations with fresh talent, exemplified by the inclusion of Snøhetta, the esteemed Norwegian design studio. This […] More

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