Hi Tech Design Solutions for Today’s Home

If you are in the process of talking to your architect about plans for your new home that is being built or modified to your specifications, you might just want to consider a few hi tech design solutions for today’s home. Not only will these add a bit of character to your home but they can also offer functionality above and beyond what most homes have. At the same time these mods can give your home the WOW factor that every homeowner dreams of. To get you started on your quest for state-of-the-art technology for contemporary homes, here are a few thoughts.

Ambient Lighting Inside and Out

Oddly, home design seems to go through various eras when it comes to lighting. Some periods in architecture lights are bright and blaring whilst other times the dimmer, the better. Why not have the best of both worlds with ambient lighting that can be controlled at a whim? In fact, you no longer need those old fashioned dimmer switches that you manually control by getting up and out of your easy chair. New hi-tech solutions offer remote controlled ambient lighting that you don’t even need to be at home to lower or brighten! A simple app for your mobile phone is all you need – and, of course the hardware at your home!

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State-of-the-Art Security Built into the Design

One of the things which many homes fail to take advantage of is state-of-the-art security systems that are literally built into the design from the very beginning. From door and window security systems that are wired into the glass or frame to hi tech keypad entries that are actually built into walls as opposed to boxes lying on top of the wall. Hi-tech locks and lock systems can be found at so check them out when talking to your architect. You just might find the perfect solution for the ultimate home security solution that is also an architectural delight.

Hi-Tech Sustainable Features – Automated Window Controllers

How many times have you driven off to work, leaving the windows open for fresh air because the day is simply lovely. It’s the perfect temperature but something goes wrong mid-afternoon. It either starts raining or snowing and here you are miles away with no one at home to shut the windows? Hi-tech automated window controllers give you access even whilst away through mobile apps but even better than that, they are smart controllers that literally sense inclement weather and shut themselves all on their own! A dream come true.

In fact, there are smart controls for almost everything in your home from climate control to the thermostatic setting on each and every tub, shower or basin in your home. These can be programmed for each family member’s comfort level in terms of temperature and it only takes plugging in a code to tell your thermostat who is using the water. Everyone gets the perfect temperature for their own comfort each and every time. These are all things your architect can plan into your home so talk to him (or her!) early on whilst your home is in the design stages. By so doing, few modifications will need to be made down the line and when your home is finished it will be exactly to your liking. Now, that’s a dream house if ever there was one.

Images from: ELL Residence by Domaen

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