Pasc?re – Ciboteca Restaurant by ZDA | Zupelli Design Architeture

Discover Pasc?re – Ciboteca, a café, restaurant and cocktail bar, designed by ZDA | Zupelli Design Architeture. Located in the ‘Isola’ district in Milan, the space is designed to co-exist different services in one place.

Starting from the large area of ??the project, we have defined three interior volumes: a service block, for staff and the public; a central block, designed to hold the most of the services of the restaurant, including a kitchen; and a glass element that contains a small urban garden, able to attract the attention of customers and offer new points of view on the city. The interior spaces are born in ‘negative’ and through subtraction define different areas: the bar area illuminated by large windows, the sofas are at the entrance,smaller than the first, directly overlooking the indoor garden and the restaurant area, structured in a “fast and slow food” zone. The result is a sophisticated environment where each element works to a balanced overview. In a mix of wood, iron and vegetation, light and dark colors, intense and soft lighting, once again we define our idea of a metropolitan local. – from the architects

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