MLA House by Jacobsen Arquitetura

MLA House by Jacobsen Arquitetura

Jacobsen Arquitetura designed this stunning single family residence in 2014. It is situated in Jardim Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil. Take a look at the complete story below.

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An urban house, but nevertheless cozy, warm but open to the surroundings, light but also full of shadows, with modern engineering and using natural materials. These were the first clear concepts agreed with the owners for their future home in the Jardins neighborhood of São Paulo.
To this end, we thought to occupy the plot with a single volume that ran parallel to one of its sides, with a view of the dense garden created in front of this prism. The living and dining room — with a double-height ceiling — was centered in this volume and also features an indoor garden throughout the circulating area. The bedrooms, on the first floor, occupy the two ends of the volume and communicate via a walkway that bisects the double-height living room.
Seeking the best angle for sunlight and the most privacy, the pool and terrace were located in the back of the grounds. Large roof eaves, slender structure, transparencies and wood and stone finishing sought to achieve the sensations idealized by the couple for their house.

Photograpy by Leonardo Finotti

Trend by Lotta Agaton for Stockholm Furniture Fair

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