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  • Renata Barbugli

    Patio House by Renata Barbugli

    Architect Renata Barbugli has once again pushed the boundaries of contemporary design with her latest project, the “Patio House.” This stunning residence, located in the picturesque city of Quinta das Laranjeiras, Brazil, seamlessly blends modernism with warmth, creating a family home that is perfect for both intimate moments and grand celebrations. The Patio House was […] More

  • VOO® Arquitetura

    Cruzaltense Residence by VOO® Arquitetura e Engenharia

    In the heart of the Rio Grande do Sul countryside, VOO® Arquitetura e Engenharia has unveiled their latest project – the Cruzaltense Residence. Nestled amidst lush woodlands and the sprawling family farm, this unique dwelling is a testament to modern design seamlessly integrated with the surrounding natural beauty. The architects behind the Cruzaltense Residence set […] More

  • Leila Dionizios

    Lake Refuge by Leila Dionizios

    In a world increasingly defined by fast-paced urban living, architect Leila Dionizios brings the serenity of nature to the forefront with her latest creation, the “Lake Refuge.” This 80-square-meter sanctuary, unveiled at the CasaCor Rio 2023 exhibition, offers a harmonious blend of comfort, well-being, and a strong connection to the natural world. Dionizios embarked on […] More

  • Kiti Vieira Arquitetura

    Canto Verde House by Kiti Vieira Arquitetura

    Kiti Vieira Arquitetura has recently completed work on this stunning private residence situated in the picturesque neighborhood of Canto Verde in Paraty. The house is a great example of how a client and an architect can work together to make something beautiful and useful. The client, Marcio Marim, envisioned a home that was simple yet […] More

  • Mateus Monteiro

    Casa Calm by Mateus Monteiro

    Nestled in the heart of Lavras, the Casa Calm designed by architect Mateus Monteiro stands as a testament to the union of contemporary minimalism and the rustic beauty of traditional Brazilian materials. Emerging from the aspirations of a family wanting a summer retreat that could one day be their permanent abode, this 460 m² haven […] More

  • BLOCO Arquitetos

    BLOCO Arquitetos design White Bricks House

    The White Bricks House, designed by BLOCO Arquitetos, stands out for its artisanal construction process and its use of exposed solid bricks. The utilization of exposed solid bricks in contemporary Brasília is a relatively uncommon practice. However, it is a construction technique that possesses inherent intricacy, demanding meticulous precision and refined craftsmanship. These qualities are […] More

  • Casa Líquida by Luiz Pataro

    Casa Líquida by Luiz Pataro

    Casa Líquida, an artistic residency founded by Julia Feldens in the vibrant city of São Paulo, has been making waves in the art world since its inception in 2015. This unique project challenges conventional perceptions of domestic spaces and has provided a platform for over 2,000 artists to experiment, coexist, and collaboratively create. The latest […] More

  • Karina Pontes Arquitetura

    Casa RL by Karina Pontes Arquitetura

    Karina Pontes Arquitetura has recently completed work on their latest residential project in São Roque, Brazil – Casa RL. The residence gracefully emerges from the mountainside, nestled within the breathtaking scenery of São Roque town in São Paulo State. Situated amidst lush vegetation and bathed in the warm hues of a breathtaking sunset, the selected […] More

  • Arquitetura Nacional

    Casa Lua by Arquitetura Nacional

    Arquitetura Nacional has recently completed work on their latest residential project in Xangri-lá, Brazil – Casa Lua. Situated gracefully along the picturesque shores of a serene lake, within the confines of an exclusive gated community nestled on the captivating coast of Rio Grande do Sul, Casa Lua has materialized as an embodiment to the aspiration […] More

  • TRIPTYQUE Architecture

    Onze22 by TRIPTYQUE Architecture

    TRIPTYQUE Architecture has recently completed work on Onze22, an innovative residential building that redefines the conventional tower block paradigm. Onze22 showcases a captivating composition of overlapping, suspended slabs harmoniously intertwined with elegant glass walls. Onze22 seamlessly integrates with the surrounding urban landscape, framing it in a 360-degree panorama. The project fosters a harmonious connection between […] More

  • Alencar Arquitetura

    Kaiserstraße by Alencar Arquitetura

    Alencar Arquitetura has unveiled Kaiserstraße, a remarkable representation of architectural innovation infused with a touch of historical charm in the vibrant city of Blumenau, Brazil. The building stands as a remarkable accomplishment for the city, having secured the prestigious Architizer Award in the Residential Apartment category for structures with less than ten floors. The project’s name […] More

  • ZALC Arquitetura

    ZALC Arquitetura designs JF Apartment

    ZALC Arquitetura has recently completed work on this stunning apartment in São Paulo, Brazil. The project was designed with a focus on the modernist/brutalist style that is prevalent in the Higienópolis neighborhood, catering to the artistic sensibilities of the homeowners. The strategic placement of the Burle Marx and triptych paintings was carefully considered prior to […] More

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