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  • Zaha Hadid Architects Designs Futuristic Ülemiste Terminal

    Tallinn, Estonia, is set to welcome a transformative addition to its infrastructure with the Rail Baltica Ülemiste Passenger Terminal. Scheduled to open in 2028, this multi-modal transport hub promises to revolutionize the city’s connectivity, serving commuters, international rail passengers, and air travelers from the adjacent Tallinn Airport. The terminal will act as a crucial link, […] More

  • Arsenit

    Piil Tree House Retreat by Arsenit

    Arsenit designed this innovative little retrat nestled deep within the enchanting pine tree forests of Estonia. Named ‘Piil,’ which is derived from the Estonian word ‘piiluma,’ meaning ‘peeking’ or ‘looking,’ this 9-meter tall pre-fabricated treehouse redefines the concept of eco-friendly retreats. Designed to provide an immersive connection with the natural surroundings while minimizing its ground-level […] More

  • RMJM Milano design scenic Kindergarten

    RMJM Milano design scenic Kindergarten and Community Center in Estonia

    RMJM Milano designed a scenic Kindergarten and Community Center in the south-west of Estonia. The new design proposes an engaged and adaptable space for Tammiste with a multitude of functions including a primary school, library, sports hall and a stadium for over 2000 guests. Discover more after the jump. From the architects: The project is […] More

  • kuu

    Cottage in Muraste by KUU architects

    KUU architects  designed this inspiring 77 m2 cottage located in Muraste, Estonia, in 2017. The cottage is a modernized version of the archetypal koda,originally meaning “place for living”. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Estonian National Museum by Dorell Ghotmeh Tane

    Paris based Dorell Ghotmeh Tane Architects designed the new Estonian National Museum. The Design is based on the belief in a unique architecture which refers to “Specificity of a place, the context of history and memory” Instead of locating the building on the proposed site, they chose to reappropriate a nearby former Soviet military base […] More

  • Baltic Sea Park Competition Entry by WXCA

    WXCA among other 78 architectural offices wins the international competition for Baltic Sea Art Park. The Baltic Sea Art Park will be located in the downtown of Pärnu, on the left shore of the Pärnu River. According to initial plans, folk art and art work of professionals of the Baltic Sea nations will be exhibited […] More

  • Residence in Tallinn by Dis. Interiørarkitekter

    Project: Residence in Tallinn Designed by Dis. Interiørarkitekter Location: Tallinn, Estonia Website: Photography: Kaido Haagen Dis. Interiørarkitekter architects have designed interior space for a residence in Tallinn, Estonia shaping it into a very colorful and bright living space. Discover more of design after the jump: More

  • Rotermann Old and New Flour Storage by Hayashi – Grossschmidt Arhitektuur

    Project: Rotermann Old and New Flour Storage Designed by Hayashi – Grossschmidt Arhitektuur HGA Architect In Charge: Hanno Grossschmidt, Tomomi Hayashi, Yoko Azukawa Design Team: Hanno Grossschmidt, Tomomi Hayashi, Yoko Azukawa Location: Tallin, Estonia Website: Rotermann a 105 years old practice which produces food now has brand new office space in Tallin designed by Hayashi – Grossschmidt Arhitektuur. The new building […] More