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  • Schemata Architects

    The Do-C Capsule Hotel by Schemata Architects

    Schemata Architects recently renovated the hotel interior of a capsule hotel in Tokyo. The architects transformed the aging capsule hotel into a modern, comfortable sleeping experience and brought it into the 21st century. More

  • R·torso·C by Atelier Tekuto

    Development of environment friendly SHIRASU concrete. We developed a 100% recyclable concrete which, instead of sand, contains SHIRASU, the deposit of pyroclastic flow of volcanic ash which is found in the Southern parts of Japan in abundance. The advantage of this concrete is its strength and durability that increases to grow over a long period […] More

  • Fine Jewellery Concept Store by OEO Studio

    Discover Natur & Nicolai Bergmann, a fine jewellery concept store in Tokyo, designed by Copenhagen-based design practice OEO Studio. The space is spread over three floors of a distinctive building designed by Japanese architects SANAA. Each floor showcases a designated jewellery range: casual, jewellery collection, and bridal.  For the design, OEO Studio has taken inspiration from the artistic […] More

  • Konan House in Japan by ALTS Design Office

    Discover Konan House in Koka, Japan, designed by ALTS Design Office. I attempted to create an area where the dweller can escape from their daily life and spend an extraordinary time. Glamping provides visitors with a place to enjoy the outdoors comfortably and without a fuss. By adding a space with the attractiveness of Glamping to the house, […] More

  • JIKKA by Issei Suma

    The site is located at the top of the mountain ridge, which the top has been cut off and flattened by the previous owner. The newly-built consists of 5 huts varying in size and height which recalls the former ridge top. It is a final abode for the clients – two ladies in their 60’s. […] More

  • Riverside Villa by Atelier Boronski

    Atelier Boronski designed this stunning 230 m2 riverside residence located in in Kyoto, Japan 2017. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Black Box House by TAKATINA LLC

    The Black Box House, designed for an international fashion buyer and his family of four, sits in a hilly suburban residential district with detached houses, about 15 miles west of Tokyo. The elevated 1,862 sqft/173 sqm corner lot is surrounded by light colored stucco houses with roadside windows covered by curtains which are a common […] More

  • Concrete Apartments in Japan by ALPHAVILLE Architects

    There’s a legion of architects doing their best in staying away from concrete as the dominating exterior material, that is not the case with this residential project by Alphaville Architects. However, concrete as the dominating material is even far more revered in interior design solutions. While for a facade it can easily connect a project to […] More

  • Café CICERO by Alts Design Office

    Take a tour through café Cicero in Japan designed by Sumiou Mizumoto of Alts design office. This proposed new café project is of a plan to renovate a premise that was once used as a restaurant. While the existing facilities have a large area horizontally, it gives us an oppressing feeling spatially. So, we wish to create an […] More

  • KINOSAKI Residence by PUDDLE Inc.

    Take a tour  of KINOSAKI Residence masterfully shaped by PUDDLE Inc. architecture practice. The contemporary household is located in the Japanese city of Toyooka Hyogo, was designed on two levels with an open floor plan in mind. The whole project takes scope of 276 square metres and is used as a family home. MORE INSPIRING RESIDENTIAL […] More

  • House in Tokyo by miCo.

    The site is located between reinforced concrete mid-to-high-rise apartments and an old wooden housing area, where it almost feels like you are left out in an island. It is a dwelling for a couple with music studio, in such a complex Tokyo-like environment. We felt it is not appropriate to have a building for this […] More

  • Villa 921 by harunatsu-arch

    Harunatsu-arch designed this asian residence located in the Japanese Yaeyama district in 2012. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

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