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Water Tower Revitalization in Wronki by Adam Wiercinski


TOWER 2.0 a new concept of the historic water tower in Wronki. Smart solution by Adam Wiercinski. From original watering system, which was a part of local prison complex, only unique architecture left … What can revive this neo-Gothic monument? For more images continue after the jump:


From the Architects:

From original watering system, which was a part of local prison complex, only unique architecture left … What can revive this neo-Gothic monument ?

First – BRINGING BACK ITS PRIMARY FUNCTION, the tower has again become a water reservoir.

2. NEW FEATURE. Proximity of the prison and its history inspired to create brand new functions of this property.

3. MORE SPACE. Increasing surface of this object from 190m² to even 800m² allows creating new functions without interfering in the old part of building.

Finally – KEEPING historic character. Architecture of the tower is an example of neo-Gothic prison style which is characterized by unique details and materials. This concept provides maximum visibility of the characteristic parts of the building and ability to see it from a different perspective than before.



The new exterior part is based on rings surrounding core of the building. Structure is supported by independent columns so it does not affect main construction of the tower and does not cover the most important parts. The old core of the communication is enabled in the historic part. New one, containing staircase and elevator, has been integrated with paths surrounding tower. Now all the stories are stapled with sidewalks extending between modules and original structure. This allows walking around monument from the top down and enjoy it from the perspective of which was not previously possible.

This new frame can be filled with prefabricated modules that perform different functions in different density – depending on needs. This means that at any time you can increase or decrease the number of rooms and change their arrangement among themselves.



Ground floor with mezzanine of the building contain an infobox – place telling story of the tower and prison. Visitors will find information about object itself, its plan and features. In this zone sanitary facilities are located,they are repeated at higher levels as well.

The next floor is a museum named " Cells of the world". Individual modules are fulfilled with installations showing the world's most famous prisons cells such as Cebu and Alcatraz.

Above the museum, there is a level with boxes for rent. These small spaces allow getting profits from   enlarged space – building may earn for itself, by itself.

Upstairs, a unique hotel is located. Rooms with an unusual view of the prison may become city's attraction and a new mark on the touristic map of Poland.

Hotel is connected to the bar, occupying the last floor of tower's structure. Place uses location on top of a building and presents amazing panoramic view of the entire area, including complex of prison.

Building is crowned by revitalized water supply system, which through a special openwork structure, collects rainwater and allows using it easily. Shape, adapted to its ecological function, keeps lines of  an old tower's helmet, and the bottom of the tank is visible in the interior of the bar what is another attraction of this place ..



Project: Water Tower Revitalization – Tower2.0
Designed by Adam Wiercinski
Location: Wronki, Poland

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