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Mediatheque by Complex City

Mediatheque Complex City

Mediatheque Complex City

Project: Mediatheque
Designed by Complex City
Design Team: Angel Kirkov
Architect: Olivier Brouillard
Client: Mairie de Pechbonnieu 
Floor Area: 500 m2
Number of Floors: 2 
Location: Toulouse, France
Mediatheque building design by Complex City for a location in french city of Toulouise. 

Mediatheque Complex CityMediatheque Complex CityMediatheque Complex CityMediatheque Complex CityMediatheque Complex City

From the Architects:

Divided between paper and virtual information, it characterizes a reality of a modern way to use space, these places will evolve in a parallel manner to media progress but especially to technology progress, having as main support the computer supplied with Internet.

Elevations are made of two types of bricks: a varnish brick and an extruded brick with a technology which makes possible to collect solar energy during the day and to use it for lighting during the evening. Each extruded brick is located in a precise place, symbolizing a study of Internet network connections existing now a day. These networks create a random virtual map, bridge of internet connections, synonymous of “media” interconnections.

With a simple program, the interior is a sober space that encourages “media”tation, meditation, and lecture.

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