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  • Plus One Architects

    Karlovy Vary Apartment by Plus One Architects

    In the heart of Karlovy Vary, nestled near the city’s iconic colonnades and the prestigious Hotel Thermal, a piece of history has been meticulously revived. The Karlovy Vary Apartment, located in a charming 1900s building, has undergone a complete transformation that masterfully balances the charm of its heritage with contemporary design elements. Studio Plus One […] More


    JIC Headquarters by KOGAA

    Czech architectural firm KOGAA, in collaboration with the South Moravian Innovation Center (JIC), has recently completed a transformative retrofit project in Brno. This endeavor represents a shared commitment to repurpose and rejuvenate existing urban properties, aligning with the evolving needs of the modern workplace and sustainability considerations. The JIC (South Moravian Innovation Centre) serves as […] More

  • Objektor architekti

    Ovenecká 33 by Objektor architekti + Tereza Porybná

    In the heart of Prague, Objektor architekti shaped Tereza Porybná’s creative concept of an art residency that experiments with different stylistic elements and boundaries between the private and public, the owner’s and the artists’. At its core, Ovenecká 33 is a reflection of the passionate vision of its owner, Tereza Porybná, who has spent her life […] More

  • No Architects

    In a Row by No Architects

    No Architects completed the renovation of a 3-story terraced house located in Prague, integrating contemporary infrastructure to fully maximize its residential potential. The previously enclosed and dimly lit staircase has been transformed into a central spatial element that vertically connects all aspects of daily life, effectively fostering a more sociable environment. The client, a globe-trotting […] More

  • ZIKZAK Architects

    Prague Office “Chromatic” by ZIKZAK Architects

    ZIKZAK Architects have recently completed work on their latest office project in Prague, Czech Republic. The workspace concept is centered on a contemporary and streamlined design aesthetic, characterized by the integration of vibrant hues, luminous neon illumination, and sleek metallic finishes. The design team has meticulously crafted a captivating narrative, weaving together elements that revolve […] More

  • The Red Church Reconstruction by atelier-r

    The Red Church, a stunning Lutheran structure, has been utilized as a book depository by the Olomouc Research Library since 1959. Regrettably, the church has remained inaccessible to the general public throughout this period. In response to the storage needs of the listed building in Olomouc Region, a new library building was constructed. This decision […] More

  • Secession Villa Apartment by svobodová blaha

    Svobodová Blaha has successfully refurbished a floor of a multi-generational Secession villa in Prague, resulting in the creation of a unique and distinct apartment that caters to the needs of a young couple. The renovation task involved revamping the interior of a single level in a multi-generational Secession-style villa. Additionally, a distinct apartment unit was […] More

  • Gurdau Winery Redefines The Wine House With Aleš Fiala

    The newly established Gurdau Winery, which is claiming the rich wine-growing legacy of Moravia, commissioned the Aleš Fiala architecture studio to create a new wine house for the winery. The structure was purposely and poetically placed in the middle of the vineyards, which imposed stringent requirements for the building’s integration with the surrounding landscape. The landscape […] More

  • Prague A City In Front of Photographer Iwan Baan

    Iwan Baan, an internationally acclaimed photographer of architectural subjects, went to Prague for the first time ever during the summer of 2017 and took photographs there. Seven days with a camera in hand, covering ground on foot, riding a bike, and filming from above in a helicopter. Along the Vltava River, through the urban core, […] More

  • Wooden Cabin in the Jizera Mountains by Markéta Cajthamlová

    Architectural design studio Markéta Cajthamlová designed a timber cabin modeled after a traditional cottage that is situated on the very edge of a village in the Jizera Mountains. The extended gable-roofed bulk is constructed using local natural elements including glass, stone, and wood while also preserving the ever-evolving and dynamic surroundings. The dark blue cabin, which […] More

  • Mjölk architekti

    Montessori Kindergarten by Mjölk architekti and Projektový atelier David

    Mjölk architekti and Projektový atelier David designed a whimsical addition to the Montessori Kindergarten in Jablonec nad Nisou. The architects made a daring structure whose primary design criterion was pleasure for the kids, a structure that begs for shenanigans and mayhem, rather than giving in to the pressure of the complex web of many construction […] More

  • RO_AR Szymon Rozwalka Architects

    Family House Hlubočepy by RO_AR Szymon Rozwalka Architects

    RO_AR Szymon Rozwalka architects designed a new family home on the border of two conflicting environments: the chaotic urban and the biodiverse natural. The house’s shape and spatial layout respond directly to its surroundings; it distances itself from the urban and attempts to extend the natural environment into the site and the interior. By incorporating the […] More

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