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Masterplan for Cilandak Bisnis Square (CIBIS) by Broadway Malyan

Cilandak Bisnis Square

Project: Masterplan for Cilandak Bisnis Square (CIBIS)
Designed by Broadway Malyan
Client: Bhumyamka Sekawan 
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia 
Broadway Malyan takes the first prize for their design of Masterplan for Cilandak Bisnis Square in Indonesian capital Jakarta. This is the first project for this international practice in Indonesia, view more images and architects description after the jump:

Cilandak Bisnis SquareCilandak Bisnis SquareCilandak Bisnis Square

From the Architects:

CIBIS is the practice’s first project in Indonesia, which has one of the world’s fastest growing construction markets and is predicted to represent some four per cent of global construction spending from 2010 to 2020.

The practice has completed the concept masterplan and secured a brief to deliver the schematic masterplan, as well as the concept architecture and branding for the project, which will cover a 11.7 hectare site and include a cluster of tall buildings and a business hotel with conference, leisure facilities and retail uses.

The design will focus on a central square theme, inspired by the Javenese planning concept of the ‘alun alun’, the traditional town square and heart of civic activity, with the square set to feature a Banyan tree to symbolise power and future success.

Ed Baker, Director of Masterplanning at Broadway Malyan, said: “This prestigious project is drawing on the diverse skills, expertise and experience of our expert global design team of masterplanners, architects and designers, which is partnering with the client and wider project team to deliver a high-quality, user-focused and commercially-successful scheme.

“It is also our first project in Indonesia, where we are actively growing our business, which is distinguished by its global reach, unrivalled diversity and distinctive client focus, as part of our international growth strategy.”

Client Bhumyamka Sekawan is aiming to create a sustainable business community which provides high-quality office space and a variety of related facilities to attract major international companies.

The objective is for the scheme to become a pioneer in the promotion of sustainable office developments in Indonesia, in response to the government’s new sustainability agenda and planning initiatives.

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