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Casa en San Sebastian by Brigati – Polak Arquitectos

Brigati – Polak Arquitectos designed this inspiring minimalistic 280 m2 residence located in Funes, Argentina, in 2017. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: The idea was to generate a large shadow affecting the least amount of soil, as would a tree, spreading with lush foliage over its main stem.

In order to achieve it, the loads rise, where with great robustness it spreads its branches to the north, east and west (but not to the south), thus tripling its surface in relation to the ground floor, and then transferring them in three supports, each one transferring on average one hundred and twenty tons to the ground.

The White interior and ceiling come to cover the musculature that makes all this possible. Reinforced concrete is not a further decision to materialize, it is the seed of the project itself. Could not have been thought of in any other material.

The other preponderant element is glass, blurring the limits, allowing the landscape to advance on the interior, almost prepotent. The program: A single-family detached house with two floors, with the social area on the ground floor and the rest area plus a playroom on the top floor.

Photography by Ramiro Sosa

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