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Forest Villa Voorschoten by Architect eigen huis

Architect eigen huis designed this stunning contemporary villa located in Voorschoten, The Netherlands, in 2016. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: Architect eigen huis has designed a contemporary barn house on the domain of castle Duivenvoorde, Voorschoten, the Netherlands. The location is adjacent to a beautiful dense forest, which is part of a natural reserve. The house is placed alongside the forest to emphasize the contrast between the open landscape and the forest experience. The rooms in the house benefit from entirely different views on every side of the house.

In the morning coffee is taken on the porch. The lower morning sun enters underneath the adjacent tree canopy. The roof of the porch has mobile slats that can serve as a rainproof surface. They can also be opened to let more light enter the house. With a large window of 8,5 meters wide, the kitchen provides a panoramic view of the ever changing forest. The architect also made the design for fixed interior elements, including the kitchen.

The living room is west-orientated and has a pleasant size. A minimalistic sliding door, which is divided into three sections, can be opened automatically. By doing this the living room seamlessly transcends into the outdoor terrace. A large sunscreen is integrated in the detailing to provide the necessary shade in summertime.

The dining room, kitchen and living room are linear aligned, but are separated by stylish, semi-transparent panels. Sliding the doors creates one large loft-like space and a completely different atmosphere.

The facade and roof are fully covered with modified wood. The modifying process has made it extremely durable and suited for this way of application. At both the front and back, the roof is extended and creates fascinating shadow patterns. A glass incision in the roof brings abundant light in the hallway, as well as, through a glass floor, in the kitchen area.

Architect eigen huis is a label by Appel Architecten, which specializes in sustainable private housing design.

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