5 Things To Consider Before Doing Any Renovation Projects

You’ve decided that some work needs to be done around the house, and it’s time to do the pre-planning. Starting a renovation project without planning is just asking for trouble. So where do you begin? Of course, you want to have phone numbers on hand for an emergency electrician or plumber, in case things don’t go as planned. Besides that, here are 5 things you should think about before you tackle any big renovation projects.


Let’s face it, nobody has unlimited resources and you simply must have some sort of budget in mind before you begin. Make a thorough inventory of your supplies and materials, and get some quotes from contractors to complete the financial picture. Assume that some materials will get damaged, cut wrong or just not work, and some supplies won’t get the job done. Always allow for overages, and if you can still afford the job, go for it. When it comes to budgets you should also look into finding the most affordable bidding construction software on the market.

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DIY or Contractor

These days, everyone considers themselves to be DIY masters, and when you see all the fabulous tutorials online, it’s no surprise that more and more people have taken to doing renovations on their own. Unfortunately, it can be a little misleading. Take an honest look at your abilities and make plans for what parts of your project you can do, and which parts may be best left to the pros.

Watch Your Schedule

Once you’ve established who will be doing what portions of the job, you need to take a look at the calendar. If you are the one doing some or all of the work, when do you realistically have time to tackle each part of the project. Do you really want to tear out the only bathroom in the house right as you are getting into the busy season at work? Even if a contractor is doing all the work, think about other household obligations before you plan out the timing.

Style and Trends

This can be a tough one, especially if you have fallen in love with a new current look. Unless you don’t mind renovating every couple of years, try to stick to designs and options that will last. Really trendy stuff may seem gorgeous now but will make your rooms look dated in a matter of months if the trend dies away. This can also apply to certain functional aspects of your design. Do you really want to rebuild a room to accommodate small children, when your brilliant new features will stop being necessary in a year?

Pick out all the Details at the Beginning

This may not seem too important at first, but many a project has gone off schedule because you suddenly can’t find the knobs or tile accents you want. Sometimes it’s just a matter of choosing something, unless you are talking about certain items that have a particular function. Perhaps you need a unique kind of hinge to make those cute new cabinets work in the corner, and all of a sudden you realize the stores don’t carry them. Do the faucets you love have a matching shower head that will work, or does it matter to you if they match at all?

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