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  • How to Get a Feel for Where You'd Like to Move to

    How to Get a Feel for Where You’d Like to Move to

    Maybe you’ve always wanted to move to a different city. Or you’ve seen your dream house and it’s in a town a few miles away from where you are now. Before you take the leap and put a deposit down, you’ll need to think carefully about the benefits of relocating. Whilst its great to want […] More

  • 10 Interior Design Tips To Enhance Sustainability

      Contrary to popular belief, interior design doesn’t serve the sole purpose of enhancing the visual appeal of a space. In addition to aesthetics, it also helps in improving the functionality of a room. Did you just move into a new apartment? Are you planning to redecorate your home? Apart from aesthetics and functionality, you […] More

  • 7 Quirky Ideas That Could Take Your Loft Conversion Project Further

    The loft is often a tragically underused space in the home. Often reserved just for outdated junk, this area is ripe in unrealized potential. Once you have cleared the clutter from your own loft, you could start realizing your options for revamping it as a stunning, multi-purpose space. Here are just a few off-kilter ideas […] More

  • Thailand House

    Take A Tour of Y House Designed by Anonym Studio

    Anonym designed this stunning two-story residence located in Nonthaburi, Thailand. This refreshingly modern project was completed back in 2017. Architects had a task of creating a private living space while hiding the house from it’s front street facade but also two extremely nearby plots. The design team has used the greenery to give the residence […] More

  • 4 Ways to Display Your Portfolio and Impress Prospects

    When your life’s work is all about creating beautiful things, you need a way to show people the work you’ve done in the past. And for architects and designers, a portfolio provides one of the best ways to do this. But do you know the best way to display a portfolio? More

  • 5 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Luxurious Spa Escape

    Can you imagine what it would be like to start your day in a spa each morning, rather than a musty bathroom that hasn’t seen a good cleaning in months? It would probably put you in a better mood, right? Well, it’s not as far-fetched as you might think. More

  • The Hidden Dangers in the House

    The home is somewhere that people should always feel safe, but it can actually be somewhere that is quite dangerous with many people injuring themselves in their own houses on a regular basis and in different areas of the home. More

  • Dining Room Tips You’ll Love

    Every room of your home deserves to look good. Still, the majority of people focus on their living room, kitchen, and bedroom, which isn’t all that surprising since you spend most of your time in those areas. But that doesn’t mean other parts of your home, such as the hallway, dining room, or bathroom should […] More

  • Managing Pests During House Renovations and Construction

    Pests are a nuisance and no one likes to see their home overrun by pests. With numerous examples from ants, roaches, fleas to rodents pests are detrimental to humans and the obvious troubles they can cause. Apart from causing damage to property most especially houses and posing health hazards to the people, they come into […] More

  • Wall-Hung vs. Floor-Mounted Bathroom Cabinets

    Wall-Hung vs. Floor-Mounted Bathroom Cabinets

    There are many benefits to installing a bathroom vanity. Most importantly, they add style and storage. Vanities come in two main varieties: wall hung and floor mounted. While both options can offer style and storage, they come with their own pros and cons, depending on your space and needs. Learn more about the differences between […] More

  • Flair and Functionality - Alpine Architecture

    Flair and Functionality – Alpine Architecture

    Blending buildings with stunning natural surroundings is a challenge which many architects embrace with open arms and the snow blanketed surrounds of the Alps throw dynamic design into stark relief. More

  • 10 Tips on How to Conserve Energy In Your Factory or Workplace

    10 Tips on How to Conserve Energy In Your Factory or Workplace

    Did you know that if all computers in the USA were energy star compliant, the economy as a whole would save $1.8 billion? In today’s world conserving energy often means conserving money too. An energy-efficient company will also carry a reputation as a responsible company. If you are looking to improve your company’s energy efficiency […] More

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