Villa Kali in Lebanon by BLANKPAGE Architects + Karim Nader Studio

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Discover Vila Kali in Mounsef, Lebanon, a seaside mansion designed by BLANKPAGE Architects together with Karim Nader Studio. Located on the Mediterranean Sea, 40 kilometers north of Beirut and close to the ancient seaport city of Byblos, the mansion’s design reinterprets a series of environmental aspects of the site: the sunshine, the air, the rock formation of the coastline on which it sits. 

Revisiting the traditional oriental home in a seaside setting – a house with several bedrooms that surround an open courtyard with a water fountain – this version of the concept is achieved through a splitting the volumes into two horizontal movements that open up towards the Mediterranean allowing for uninterrupted sea views to all spaces of the house. The external void revealed by this split of the volumes reveals a cascading spine with a terraced staircase and water pools that gently fall down from the entrance level all the way to the seaside garden via the bridging reception area. The glazing system in the reception can slide away completely creating a cross-ventilated outdoor covered space that can be inhabited across seasons in the pleasantness of the shade. – from the architects

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Images by Marwan Harmouche