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  • Creating Elegant and Functional Spaces: An Interview with Architect Karen Frome

    In this interview  architect Karen Frome of Rise Projects shares insights into the renovation of a 4,000-square-foot apartment designed for an active family. Frome collaborated with interior designer Bryant Keller to create a warm, inviting, and child-friendly modern aesthetic. The project balances private and public spaces, ensuring functionality and comfort for the family. INTERVIEWS The […] More

  • Antonínská Apartment’s Design Symphony by Markéta Bromová architekti

    The Antonínská Apartment, skillfully reimagined by Markéta Bromová architekti, represents the  balance between preserving the original character of a space and adapting it to modern living needs. Situated within a functionalist house near Strossmayer Square in Prague, the 125 m2 apartment posed a unique challenge due to its predefined spatial division and materials. However, the […] More

  • Avilés Urban Flat Receives Modern Makeover

    Situated in the urban center of Avilés (Asturias), a 112m2 flat, photographed by Ivo Tavares, underwent a comprehensive refurbishment by architect David Olmos. With its initially compartmentalized and elongated layout, the space posed a challenge in terms of functionality and flow. The main facade, facing south, housed the living room and two bedrooms, while the kitchen, […] More

  • Paulo Moreira’s Casa Cedofeita: A Modern Classic

    At the core of Porto’s vibrant downtown, an old bourgeois building, Casa Cedofeita, has undergone a stunning transformation into a five-bedroom residence. This ambitious project by Paulo Moreira Architectures seamlessly blends two distinct dimensions: a careful restoration of the original structure using traditional materials and techniques, and the introduction of innovative wooden volumes to accommodate […] More

  • How to Decorate your Apartment with Repurposed Items

    If you want to decorate with great conversation pieces, give your home a personal touch, and simultaneously help save the environment, repurposed and refurbished items can be a great addition to your new apartment. Whether you’re reupholstering couches, repainting dining room tables, or creating something brand new from old items, repurposing can make a big […] More