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Paulo Moreira’s Casa Cedofeita: A Modern Classic

Elevating Porto’s Architectural Landscape

©Paulo Moreira Architectures, Photography by Ivo Tavares

At the core of Porto’s vibrant downtown, an old bourgeois building, Casa Cedofeita, has undergone a stunning transformation into a five-bedroom residence. This ambitious project by Paulo Moreira Architectures seamlessly blends two distinct dimensions: a careful restoration of the original structure using traditional materials and techniques, and the introduction of innovative wooden volumes to accommodate modern infrastructure and service areas.

©Paulo Moreira Architectures, Photography by Ivo Tavares
©Paulo Moreira Architectures, Photography by Ivo Tavares

The new triangular-shaped volumes represent a harmonious integration of form and function, tailored to suit the unique characteristics of each room. Housing bathrooms, wardrobes, storage spaces, and kitchenette, these additions offer flexibility and autonomy within the household, allowing for independent use when required. 

Amidst this transformation, original elements such as granite stone walls, stucco ceilings, and classic shutters have been lovingly refurbished with a ‘silent’ touch, preserving the building’s rich heritage. Each room showcases its unique character, highlighting different architectural features to create a series of individualized spaces. Expertly capturing the essence of this harmonious blend between tradition and innovation, photographer Ivo Tavares brings these captivating scenes to life through his lens.

©Paulo Moreira Architectures, Photography by Ivo Tavares
©Paulo Moreira Architectures, Photography by Ivo Tavares
©Paulo Moreira Architectures, Photography by Ivo Tavares

A rich palette of materials, including wood, marble, clay, tile, and granite, adds depth and texture to the interior design. Despite the diverse range of materials employed, the careful combination of tones and textures fosters a seamless dialogue between the historic and contemporary elements, evoking a sense of timeless elegance.

Extending the project’s philosophy beyond its walls, the traditional refurbishment and modern additions gracefully merge in the outdoor space. Here, a small technical room, ingeniously designed in the same triangular motif, reinforces the project’s overall coherence, creating a captivating synthesis of past and present in the heart of Porto’s urban landscape. 

Project Name: Casa Cedofeita

Architecture Office: Paulo Moreira Architectures

Main Architect: Paulo Moreira Collaboration: Hermínio Santos, Elena Borghese, Flavia Micelli, Lauranne Coornaert, Carlos Gomes, Mario Martínez 

Location: Porto, Portugal Year of Completion: 2017 Total Built Area: 220m2

Builder: José Silva 

Architectural Photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio Website:

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