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How to Make Your Home Interior Look More Expensive


We all strive to make our house’s interior look as great as possible to impress any visitors that we welcome into to our homes. While we want them to look great, we also want our homes to be comfortable and homely. Furniture and other household items are definitely not cheap, so making your home look expensive can be a real struggle. We’ve come up with a few ways that you can make your home interior look more expensive and so more impressive to visitors.


1. Go for the Minimalist Look

The perfect way to give your home interior that expensive, luxury feel is to go for the minimalist look. By having a load of junk sat out on sides in your home it will make your interior look cheaper. So go simple and only display a few ornaments. Follow these tips for decluttering your home to get started.

2. Choose Bold Colours

To give any room in your home an expensive atmosphere, choose bold colours for your walls, flooring and furniture. While we recommend that you choose a light colour for your walls to make your interior look bigger, choose one wall in each room for a bold colour. This is a modern technique that gives each room a bit of character.


3. Hire a Professional to Do Any Work On Your Home

A common mistake that many people make when decorating their homes is to do it themselves. Painting your own walls or installing your own furniture might be more cost effective, but if the job isn’t done properly then it can leave your interior design looking scruffy. Hire a local tradesman to do the work for you, as you can be guaranteed that the end result will look professional and leave your home looking more expensive.


4. Make Sure All Your Rooms Are Well Lit

Rooms that are not lit properly will look smaller and less inviting. Make sure you invest in plenty of lighting for each of your rooms and that the fittings provide a neutral feel. When your rooms are lit correctly they will feel much bigger and in turn make your home look far more expensive.


5. Accessorise with Wall Art

A way to give your home interior that stylish feel is to display your walls with some quirky wall art. A proven way to make your room look more expensive without splashing the cash is by buying some panelled art. This will be a bold feature for your room and give it that wow factor that you’re after. The piece will look expensive therefore giving your room that overall feel.

Making your home interior look more expensive doesn’t have to cost you a fortune or be time consuming. Our five tips will get you started on your journey. Just make sure that any changes you make suit your style and personality to keep your interior’s homely feel. Check out current home style magazines for ideas to keep up with current trends.

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Photography by Krista Keltanen for Living Inside

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