The Presidential Archives in Multi-functional Administrative City

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Presidential Archives

Project: The Presidential Archives
Designed by  SAMOO Architects & Engineers
Collaboration: Kunwon Architects, ABLine Architects
Area: 30 962 m2
Location: Yeongi-gun, Korea 
The massive Presidential Archives building is work of SAMOO Architects & Engineers, the geometry itself is there to reinforce the significance of such a building. You can see more images and read the architects description after the jump:

Presidential ArchivesPresidential ArchivesPresidential ArchivesPresidential ArchivesPresidential Archives

From the Architects:

The design focuses on using pure geometry to symbolize the significance of the Presidential Archives. It aims to provide a green network linking the facility to the surroundings, creating a new cultural playground for visitors. This “Timeless Cube” represents “the Great Seal”. As a new landmark of the MAC, it utilizes various sustainable technologies that enable natural ventilation and lower energy consumption.

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