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The Taichung City Cultural Center by MenoMenoPiu Architects & Atelier Castro Denissof

Taichung City Cultural Center

MenoMenoPiu Architects & Atelier Castro Denissof 's proposal for the Taichung City Cultural Center is to create a gradient urban limit in which two programs join together over the main perspective axes, creating a 200m door for the Taichung Getaway Park. Discover more of this impressive project after the jump:

Taichung City Cultural CenterTaichung City Cultural Center

From the Architects:

The door will allow visitors to experience the project's mass scatter away over their heads.A gradual introduction into the green lung of Taichung where all the built elements dissolve and nature takes over.
Walking through the Door into the plaza, visitors will come across the two lobbies, the gift shops and book stores as well as the refreshment area where they will be able to appreciate the view of the Getaway Park and the Taiwan Tower.
The perspective of the passage through the door is aligned with the Parks fulcrum and the clean air area.
The plaza's opening will also welcome crowds coming from the Convention and exhibition center.
These visitors will experience a feeling contrary to those coming from the Park Avenue2, in which the boxes of the two programs will appear through the tree tops and the flourishing nature.
The Library will be located on the west side of the building site. A 10 m spacing on the side and its scattering will prevent the vis-à-vis with Convention and Exhibition Center.

Taichung City Cultural CenterTaichung City Cultural Center

The East side of the site will host the heavier elements of the museum in order to reduce the noise coming from the wave-making pool.
The ground-floor pavement of the plaza continues the scattering of the building creating green beds and ventilation holes for the parking topped with vegetation that will filter the air coming from below.
A major flower bed drawn in the shape of the XX will commemorate Taiwan’s national day. One public car-parking (1000 car-parking places) for non-low carbon vehicles situated in the basement will serve both the museum and the library.
The basement will accommodate both the archives and the museum's loading areas.

Taichung City Cultural CenterTaichung City Cultural CenterTaichung City Cultural Center

Taiwan is situated between one of the world's highest-pressure points – China – and the lowest-pressure area – Australia. This therefore causes main winds to come from the north. Taichung's project area will be well exposed to this climactic event.
Our project will take advantage of wind power. Elements positioned on the top of the building will use this power through micro wind turbines that may cover around 40% of the building's energy consumption.
To reach a positive energy building, the shades on the roof-top will be covered by photovoltaic cells that will produce the rest of the energy needed.

Taichung City Cultural CenterTaichung City Cultural CenterTaichung City Cultural Center

To prevent influence from the outer vehicle traffic, the northern wall will act as a shield for noises and pollution that may contaminate the park.
Therefor all the concrete used for the building will be enriched with titanium oxide so as to eliminate pollution and clean the air that may penetrate the park.
The facade of the reading areas will be composed of horizontal shading that will allow indirect Illumination. This will prevent the overheating of internal surfaces and lower energy consumption.
80% of the roof tops will be green, at times planted with aromatic plants in order to provide visitors with an olfactory experience in some selected areas.
Natural ventilation will be insured, and wind suction over the roof tops will inverse air flow, so that air entering the building will be coming from the clean air park area.
The large mass of deciduous trees situated on the south side of the site will filter the sunlight in the summer and let it through during the colder months. Earth terracing will be conducted on the ground level to allow tree planting over the parking.
The structure of the building is conceived to be self –supported by reticular framings. Major cantilevers are held by alternative traces, this steel structure interacts with the concrete cores which grant the thermal inertia of the building.

Taichung City Cultural CenterTaichung City Cultural CenterTaichung City Cultural CenterTaichung City Cultural Center

Project: The Taichung City Cultural Center
Designed by MenoMenoPiu Architects & Atelier Castro Denissof
Project Team: Roland Castro, Sophie Denissof, Mario Emanuele Salini, Rocco Valantines, Alessandro Balducci, Paolo Carignano, Alice Lunardon, Angelo Balducci, Max Castro, Zinedine Bekkar
Location: Taichung, Taiwan
Website: &

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