Nóize Chair by Estudio Guto Nequena

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Nóize Chair

Project: Nóize Chair
Designed by Estudio Guto Nequena
Website: www.gutorequena.com.br
An eye-catching Nóize Chair design is work of Estudio Guto Nequena. Discover more after the jump:

Nóize ChairNóize ChairNóize ChairNóize Chair

From the Designers:


The Nóize Chairs developed by Estudio Guto Requena were digitally conceived from the merge of sounds captured in the streets of São Paulo and Brazilian design icons.

The Girafa chair by Lina Bo Bardi, Marcelo Ferraz and Marcelo Suzuki; the Oscar chair, by Sério Rodrigues, and; the São Paulo chair, by Carlos Motta were digitally modeled in 3D, in a faithful reproduction of its physical model. Programmed in the computer software Processing by Estudio Guto Requena, the digital models were deformed through its fusion with audio files collected in three peripheral locations of São Paulo: Grajaú, Cidade Tiradentes and Santa Ifigênia. The result is a manifest-chair, which instigates reflection beyond the act of sitting.

The digital file which resulted from this process was sent electronically to a 3D printer located in Belgium. Upon completion the chairs were sent to Brazil.

City voices, suburban noises and the resonance of concrete deconstruct Brazilian design landmarks in pieces which value a design process over their mere aesthetics result.

São Paulo is a beautiful city. Non-obvious, complex, diverse, multiracial, improvised, surprising, ironic, tolerant towards different peoples, beliefs and cultures – a patchwork filled with hidden beauties. Falling in love with it is a matter of survival.

The three pieces developed by Estudio Guto Requena for the exhibition seek to assimilate the beauties of São Paulo, especially those which are off circuit. They constitute a digital experimentation of noises, deconstruction and mixing through the new possibilities brought to us by new digital technologies.