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  • National Convention and Exhibition Center by gmp Architekten

    Project: National Convention and Exhibition Center Designed by von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects (gmp Architekten) Design: Meinhard von Gerkanand, Stephan Schütz, with Nicolas Pomränke Project Management, Competition: Simon Schetter, Patrick Pfleiderer Team, Competition: Helene Käschel, Katja Pötzsch, Jens Förster, Keke Ye, Stefan Hornscheidt, Bernd Gotthardt, Ulrike Finkbeiner, Thilo Zehme, Jan Deml, Zhou Bin, George Liang, Christian Machnacki, Gai Xudong, Wu […] More

  • State Fire Brigade School Winning Proposal by gmp Architekten

    Project: State Fire Brigade School Designed by gmp Architekten Design: Volkwin Marg and Jürgen Hillmer Project Manager: Kai Ritzke Team Members: Katja Mezger, Radmila Blagovcanin Client: Staatliches Bauamt Wurzburg by order of the Free State of Bavaria Total Floor Area: 7 700 m2 Location: Wurzburg, Germany Website: Practice von Gerkan, Marg and Partners have a wining team of architects by their side. They won the […] More

  • Technology Center by gmp Architekten

    Project: Technology Center Designed by von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects Design: Volkwin Marg with Robert Friedrichs Team Members: Stephanie Joebsch, Alessia Spezzano, Alexander Kittel, Bernd Kottsieper, Claudia Schultze, Andre Wegmann, Peter Radomski  Client: Società Finanziaria Bologna Metropolitana SpA  Location: Bologna, Italy  Website: gmp Architekten studio wins the first prize for the design of Technology Center in Italian city of Bologna, […] More

  • Changzhou Culture Center by gmp Architecten

    Project: Changzhou Culture Center Designed by von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects +  Magdalene Weiss  Chinese Partner: Wei Wu Location: Changzhou, China  Website: Changzhou Culture Center is work of gmp Architecten created in collaboration with Magdalene Weiss, the project was awarded 1st prize in the international design competition. Discover more of this massive complex after the jump: More

  • Hangzhou South Railway Station by gmp Architekten

    Project: Hangzhou South Railway Station Designed by von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects Project Team: Jiang Linlin, Zhang Yingying, Zhang Xiaoguang  GFA: 90 000 m2 Number of Platforms: 7 Number of Tracks: 21  Client: Ministry of Railways  Location: Hangzhou, China  Website: Studio gmp Architekten develops the impressive solution for the Hangzhou South Railway Station, involving the conversation and extension of the already […] More

  • Sports Complex + Urban re-Design in Lausanne by gmp Architekten

    Project: Sports Complex + Urban re-Design Designed by  von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects (gmp) Co-operation: Jean-Baptiste Ferrari et Associés SA Design Team (gmp): Kristian Spencker, Christiane Wermers, Florian Illenberger Team (gmp): Marleen Michaels, Tobias Mäscher, Christian Möchel, Claudia Stelzmann, Peter Axelsen Team (jbf): Jean-Baptiste Ferrari, Sébastien Zwissig, Floriane Robert, Chantal Billaud, Xavier Tauxe, James Lee, Rainer Epp Commissioned by Lausanne […] More

  • Tianjin West Railway Station by GMP Architekten

    Project: Tianjin West Railway Station Designed by GMP Architekten Design: Meinhard von Gerkan and Stephan Schütz with Stephan Rewolle Project managers: Stephan Rewolle, Jiang Lin Lin Design teams, phase 1 to 3: Stephan Rewolle, Iris Belle, Shi Liang, Du Peng, Chunsong Dong, Nico Pomränke, Jochen Sültrup, Clemens Ahlgrimm, Christian Dorndorf, Bernd Gotthardt, Clemens Kampermann, Kian Lian, Sabine Stage, Cai Wei  […] More

  • Nanjing Tower Block by von Gerkan, Marg and Partners

    Project: Nanjing Tower Block Designed by von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects Scope: 80 000sqm GFA: 500 000sqm Tower hight: 120, 130, 150, 200m Location: Nanjing, China Website:  German practice Marg and Partners takes on a task of designing a massive tower block complex in the fast growing Chinese city of Nanjing. A nearby river and a newly developed […] More