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MO?C Spring by RÂU ARCH

The project is a combination of accommodation, convalescence, restaurant and food service to be built to serve the needs of tourists visiting the spring water stream. The first floor of the building is a residential area for visitors and ancillary services such as kitchen, storage, sanitary and bathing areas, And wall tiles decorated with chopped stone. The 2nd floor is a reception area for visitors to combine the refreshment area, restaurant, used reinforced concrete pillars combined with nulgar bamboo Tree material, Leaf leaf, reinforced steel frame system.

On the overall architecture, the project uses raw materials and raw materials to match the modern materials to ensure the construction is sustainable because the construction area is the place where frequent floods and storms annually. The building’s skylight is used to light the middle part. The roof truss system is quite sophisticated. Hope this project will contribute to the homeland an interesting tourist attractions full of interesting.

Photography by Hùng Râu Kts


St. Gerlach Pavilion and Manor Farm by Mecanoo

House 01 by ES Arquitetura