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Top Tips For Decorating Your Wedding

Extravagant weddings are everywhere these days. From Say Yes To The Dress, to celebrity weddings flooding Instagram, to YouTube videos showing the marriages of the world’s wealthiest—it can be hard to feel like you’ll ever measure up! But don’t let these over-the-top, money is no option weddings get you down. JJ’s House designer Jessica notes that there are plenty of simple, gorgeous, and affordable ways you can decorate your wedding that will capture your love story.

Create focal points

When it comes to decorating for your wedding, don’t get caught up in too many little details! While you may see a million small adorable décor ideas on Pinterest, most of your guests will only notice the big-ticket items—so make sure they have some big-ticket items to look at! Instead of scattering little bits of décor here or there, focus on decorating spots where the eye will naturally fall: the entrance to your venue, the head table, and the archway where you will marry are all perfect spots to focus on with lights and floral swags.

Use different table sizes

To break up a space and stop your wedding from looking like a conference, we recommend using different table sizes. Round tables, square tables, and even long rectangular tables will all help the space look more organic and encourage more chatting amongst guests.

Use greenery over florals

If you want drama but don’t have the Kardashian budget for a flower wall (which reportedly cost somewhere around $136,000), you can still get an opulent look using greenery. Swags of greenery with carefully placed sprays of white flowers can look dramatic and luxurious, and you can gather most of it from outside! If you have some talented (and patient) friends, this is something people can help you put together before your wedding. However, you’ll want to do it the night before and keep it cool and moist so that the greenery doesn’t start to wilt.

Play to your venue’s strengths

If you’re getting married in a ballroom and trying to make it look like a barn, you’re just going to be making it harder for yourself. Choose a venue that captures your wedding’s vibe and then play to its strengths. If you are in a barn, focus on the high ceilings, and the rustic elements by incorporating greenery, tin, and rough-hewn elements. In that ballroom? Use up-lighting and sheer drapery to give the space a fairytale vibe.

Display your cake

If you’ve opted to have a wedding cake, don’t hide it away in a corner! It’s likely that it set you back a few hundred dollars at the very least, so display it proudly! Decorate your cake table and keep it near the head table so that guests can admire the handiwork. Also, make sure your guests can actually approach it—most wedding cakes’ details are much better seen up close!

Images from Flower 17 Hot Pot Restaurant by Fan Life – See the full story here

Mahallat Residental Building No3 by CAAT Studio

The Lindley by Rawlings Architects