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  • Mutant Arquitectura

    Casa De Bouro by Mutant Arquitectura & Design

    Mutant Arquitectura & Design has recently completed its latest residential project In the heart of Guardenha in the picturesque region of Terras de Bouro – Casa de Bouro. This residence is more than just a house; it’s a profound embodiment of the concept “a hug to nature.” The design philosophy behind Casa de Bouro centers […] More

  • Casa de Lavra by Architect Ricardo Azevedo

    Architect Ricardo Azevedo has recently completed work on his latest residential project – Casa de Lavra. His vision for this unique project transcends the conventional boundaries of design, creating a residence that reflects a profound understanding between the architect and the client. Azevedo’s approach to Casa de Lavra was anything but conventional. He drew inspiration […] More

  • Capela de São João Batista by Covo Interiores Studio

    José Morgado of Covo Interiores studio has completed work on his latest project in the heart of the quaint village of Touro, nestled in the serene landscapes of Vila Nova de Paiva — the Capela de São João Batista. The genesis of this architectural project traces back to the collective desire of the villagers to […] More

  • Inception Architects Studio

    TM House by Inception Architects Studio

    In the picturesque parish of Lamelas, nestled within the predominantly rustic landscape on the south side of Santo Tirso, Inception Architects Studio have completed their latest residential project – the TM House. Designed as a T4 typology house, the TM House embraces its surroundings, seeking a harmonious integration with the natural environment. The project, marked […] More

  • OODA

    HOSO Student Accommodation Building by OODA

    OODA has completed their latest project on the campus of Porto’s largest university, The project promises to reshape student accommodation and add a new dimension to the city’s urban landscape. The Hoso Tower, situated on the expansive university grounds, has swiftly become a symbol of contemporary design and sustainability. The Hoso Tower stands as an […] More

  • PAr

    Vale Flores by PAr – Plataforma de Arquitectura

    PAr – Plataforma de Arquitectura has recently completed work on Vale Flores House,a stunning private residence in the heart of the Portuguese countryside. The residence beautifully marries the tranquility of rural living with an immersive experience in nature. Situated atop a serene hillside, the house seamlessly integrates with its natural surroundings. The project began with […] More

  • Ren Ito

    Casa Kala by Architect Ren Ito

    The architectural office, led by Ren Ito, undertook the ambitious project of restoring an old, detached house designed by the renowned Portuguese architect Januário Godinho, which had been left unused and in disrepair for nearly a decade. The building, originally envisioned by Januário Godinho, stood as a testament to his architectural prowess. However, the passage […] More

  • RiscoWhite: A Serene Architectural Gem Immortalizing Portugal’s Historical Legacy

    Nestled on the picturesque south bank of the River Cávado, in the charming town of Barcelinhos, Portugal, a new residence emerges, paying homage to the rich historical legacy of its surroundings. Designed by srchitecture studio Risco Singular, RiscoWhite represents a remarkable fusion of nature and architecture. This stunning residence sits on two elevated platforms, gracefully […] More

  • Pedro Henrique Arquiteto

    Pedro Henrique Arquiteto’s “Palheiro” Reimagines Portuguese Coastal Architecture

    In a tribute to Portugal’s coastal heritage, “Palheiro” by Pedro Henrique Arquiteto emerges as a contemporary reinterpretation of the iconic fishermen’s houses that have graced the Portuguese coastline for centuries. Situated in the picturesque town of Esmoriz, this stunning project not only aims to preserve regional heritage but also reconnects the community with its collective […] More

  • São Victor House by COMBO Architects Studio

    COMBO Architects Studio has recently completed work on a transformation project of a historical building located in Porto. Built in 1880-1881. The single-family residence, it underwent various interventions over time that compromised its original character and turned it into collective housing with excessive compartmentalization. The main goal of the project was to restore the building’s […] More

  • Libre House by Mário Martins Atelier

    Mário Martins Atelier has recently completed work on this stunning private residence in Lagos, Portugal. Perched gracefully on a sun-kissed hillside, with a commanding view of the picturesque bay of Lagos in Portugal, Casa Libre exudes an architectural finesse that seamlessly blends privacy and openness. Its design philosophy is rooted in the notion of inward-facing […] More

  • NU.MA architects

    House in Torreira by NU.MA architects

    The house in Torreira, Aveiro, designed by NU.MA architects, is a stunning holiday residence that takes advantage of its scenic surroundings, including views of the Aveiro estuary and the forest. The main goal of the project was to create a unique space to store all the client’s nautical equipment while maintaining visual permeability for the […] More

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