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Zhongmeishan self-service BBQ PLUS by FUNUN LAB

High-end dining experience in the heart of Beijing’s Olympic North area

Photography by © Song Yuming

In the bustling city of Beijing, a remarkable dining destination has emerged, captivating the attention of high-end customers in the Olympic North area. Zhongmeishan Self-Service BBQ PLUS, in collaboration with FUNUN LAB, a renowned interior design brand, has unveiled its first upgraded branch. This extraordinary project combines the artistry of design with the pleasures of gastronomy, creating a dining experience that transcends the ordinary.

Situated in the heart of the high-end living area, Zhongmeishan’s brand-new branch represents a stunning testament to culinary innovation and sophisticated design. FUNUN LAB, with its extensive expertise in the catering space, was entrusted to craft a space that resonated with the desires of discerning customers.

Photography by © Song Yuming
Photography by © Song Yuming
Photography by © Song Yuming

FUNUN LAB’s approach to the design of Zhongmeishan Self-Service BBQ PLUS defies convention, challenging the monotony of square spaces. Through the clever integration of blocks and the interplay of light and shadow, the designers have breathed life into every corner, infusing the atmosphere with a sense of wonder and intrigue.

A true centerpiece of the establishment, a soaring white staircase gracefully ascends, becoming a visual focal point within the regular space. Its fluid curves evoke the image of undulating mountain ranges, deftly harmonizing the linear construction while embodying the essence of the brand. This exquisite sculpture-like staircase not only adds to the space’s aesthetics but also provides clear and bright flow lines, guiding guests seamlessly throughout their culinary journey.

Photography by © Song Yuming
Photography by © Song Yuming
Photography by © Song Yuming

Beyond its cuisine, Zhongmeishan Self-Service BBQ PLUS believes in delivering humane care and fostering meaningful interactions. FUNUN LAB recognized the significance of interactivity in modern restaurant brand management, thus dedicating a space on the first floor for this purpose. Here, the relationship between the space and the diners is reimagined, enriching the dining experience and awakening diverse sensual pleasures associated with savoring delectable food.

The first floor of Zhongmeishan Self-Service BBQ PLUS embraces an open-space concept, where dining tables are thoughtfully arranged in a staggered manner. This arrangement, coupled with the skillful manipulation of light and shadow, engenders a tapestry of atmospheres, each suited to different functional areas. Backlit elements embedded in the staircase soften the overall ambiance, creating a delicate balance between solidity and softness, as well as square and flowing lines. The result is a dynamic energy that infuses the grand dining space.

Photography by © Song Yuming
Photography by © Song Yuming
Photography by © Song Yuming
Photography by © Song Yuming
Photography by © Song Yuming

Ascending to the second floor, guests are transported to a realm of refined privacy. The design and lighting in this area cater to intimate conversations over drinks, enhancing the overall experience for discerning patrons. The addition of private rooms further expands the restaurant’s versatility, making it an ideal setting for small gatherings, banquets, and team-building activities. This thoughtful incorporation of spaces ensures that Zhongmeishan Self-Service BBQ PLUS exceeds expectations across all fronts.


Through meticulous attention to detail, FUNUN LAB has masterfully crafted an environment that balances rigidity and softness, light and dark, and square and flowing lines. This delicate equilibrium brings a dynamic energy to the grand dining space, ensuring that every visit to Zhongmeishan Self-Service BBQ PLUS is an unforgettable experience.

FUNUN LAB’s holistic approach, fusing aesthetic creativity with commercial logic, has resulted in a space that surpasses traditional boundaries. The combination of vision, category, and a deep understanding of the modern restaurant landscape has elevated Zhongmeishan Self-Service BBQ PLUS to new heights.

Project information
Project name: Zhongmeishan self-service BBQ PLUS
Location: Beijing Linao CITY PARK Shopping Center
Staring time: 2022.1
Completion time: 2022.9
Design company: FUNUN LAB –
Chief designer: Fan Jie
Design team: Liu Zhaoping ,Liu Najun
Project area: 1039㎡
Photographer: Song Yuming

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