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Yenikapı Transfer Point and Archaeo Park by Mecanoo

Yenikap Transfer Archaeo Park

Project: Yenikapı Transfer Point and Archaeo Park
Designed by Mecanoo Architecten
Client: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Area of Railroad and Maritime Transfer Center: 52 000 m2
Archaeo-Park Area: 36,000 m2
Total Area: 27, 7 ha
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Dutch practice Mecanoo Architects has designed Yenikapı Transfer Point and Archaeo Park for a location in Istanbul, set to serve as an important  railroad and maritime transfer centre.

Yenikap Transfer Archaeo ParkYenikap Transfer Archaeo ParkYenikap Transfer Archaeo ParkYenikap Transfer Archaeo ParkYenikap Transfer Archaeo ParkYenikap Transfer Archaeo Park

From the Architects:

Yenikapı, ‘New Gate’, will become a railroad and maritime transfer centre in Istanbul that connects Europe with Asia, as well as the inner city with the surrounding megapolis and the rest of the country. Mecanoo architecten, in cooperation with local partner Cafer Bozkurt Architecture, designs the new gateway of 52,000 m², which will be a vital strategic intersection point handling 1.7 million people on a daily basis. Sitting on top of excavations that have changed the known history of Ancient Istanbul as an urban centre, Yenikapı will also host an Archaeo-Park with a museum and city archive of 36,000 m². The total area of the site is 27.7 ha and includes public space and several parks.

Mecanoo’s urban and design vision integrates Yenikapı with its surroundings in the city and acts as an attraction point where the archaeological findings, significant for world history and cultural heritage, can be showcased. Excavations undertaken during the application of the transportation projects, unearthed both the remains of 35 ancient ships of the world’s largest fleet collection and 8,500-year-old settlements of first Neolithic age. Currently, Mecanoo/Cafer Bozkurt, is participating in monthly workshops with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to work on the final design. 

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