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  • Office Istanbul Architects

    Rubrum Office by Office Istanbul Architects

    Office Istanbul Architects have recently completed their latest project in Seferihisar, Turkey – Rubrum Office. Situated amidst the lush vineyards and picturesque olive groves of Seferihisar, ?zmir, this remarkable structure is perfectly integrated into its natural surroundings. The site’s fertile soil, ideal for wine production, adds an enchanting allure to the overall ambiance, captivating visitors […] More

  • Renzo Piano

    Istanbul Modern Museum by Renzo Piano Building Workshop and Arup

    Located on the picturesque western bank of the Bosphorus, the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art boasts the distinction of being Türkiye’s inaugural contemporary art gallery. Its extensive collection features a diverse array of both local and international works of art. The museum, which is generously supported by the Eczac?ba?? Group, underwenta significant transformation as it […] More

  • Sanko Headquarters by RMJM Milano

    Sanko Headquarters by RMJM Milano

    RMJM has won a competition for the development of the Sanko Headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey. RMJM Milano’s unique design uses local resources in the most sustainable and innovative way. As you will see, the main feature of the building is its central void which extends from the ground up to the roof of the building. […] More

  • Melis Göral Showroom by Sanayi313 Architects

    Melis Göral Showroom by Sanayi313 Architects

    Sanayi313 Architects recently completed their latest commercial project, the Melis Göral showroom, a 150 sqm jewellery store situated in the heart of Istanbul’s vibrant Bebek district. Occupying a former apartment in one of the oldest residential buildings in the area, the space boasts double-height ceilings, large windows and balcony along its entire façade. Discover more […] More

  • Café di Dolce by Sanayi313 Architects

    Café di Dolce by Sanayi313 Architects

    Sanayi313 Architects recently completed their latest project in the waterfront district of Kuruçe?me, Istanbul – Café di Dolce. The studio took a holistic approach for the newly designed space, going beyond the interior to address every detail from the crockery to the packaging, menu and staff uniform. Café Di Dolce is an impressive, theatrical space […] More

  • Khalkedon Penthouse by Studio Escape From Sofa

    Designed by Escape from Sofa, this inspiring penthouse apartment is located in Erenköy, a peaceful spot in Turkish capital Istanbul. The layout is combined with two floors including one dining & living room, a kitchen, two master, one double guest, one single guest room and a wide terrace space. Architects used bold wallpapers to accent […] More

  • CHANEL Bodrum Seasonal Boutique

    CHANEL Bodrum Seasonal Boutique

    CHANEL opened its first seasonal boutique in Turkey, at the Mandarin Oriental, in the elegant coastal resort of Bodrum. The boutique will be open from May 16th until the end of September 2019. Discover more after the jump. More

  • Tabanl?o?lu Architects

    The new Atatürk Cultural Center by Tabanl?o?lu Architects

    Tabanl?o?lu Architects is in charge of the reconstruction of the Ataturk Cultural Center in Istanbul (AKM).  The center  will overlook the city’s iconic Taksim Squareand is expected to be completed in 2019. The Center will be the new centrally located home for Istanbul’s arts and culture scene of twenty-first century Istanbul. Not only will the […] More

  • Cihangir Apartment by Escapefromsofa

    Designed by Escapefromsofa, this roof apartment is located at Cihangir one of istanbul’s most lively neighbourhood. The flat is 41 sqm space which is built like a Swiss knife, it has all the functions well hidden through the cabinets, that are mostly foldable or sliding. The minimalist design approach created in the structure is well […] More

  • The Istanbul Edition by Marriott International

    Opened in Turkey’s tourist capital – Istanbul, Marriott International‘s crown jewel The Istanbul Edition has since filled the pages of design mags and photography books around the globe. Hotelier Ian Schrager has simply redefined the luxury hotel with its Istanbul opening, the contemporary taken address accommodates 77 rooms. FIND MORE HOTELS ON ARCHISCENE. In charge of […] More

  • PTT Stamp Museum by Tasar?mhane

    The Tasar?mhane design and architect studio shares with us their design of the Stamp Museum project now open in Turkey's capital, Ankara. The building housing the new PTT Stamp Museum project was originally designed by Austrian architects ClemansHolzmeister for Emlak ve Eytam Bankas? in the period of Turkish Republic.  FIND MORE MUSEUM PROJECTS ON ARCHISCENE. […] More

  • Klinik 32 by I-AM Studio

    Klinik 32 is a newly established dental clinic situated in Ni?anta??, Istanbul. I-AM were commissioned to design a new patient experience for the clinic that included designing the branding as well as the interior design of the space. More

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