Top 5 Tips to Effectively Design Your Basement Bathroom

Many people who wish to add an extra bathroom to their house choose their basement for that purpose. Though this seems like a good way to utilize the space, it is often an expensive and time-consuming process. If you are looking to build a basement bathroom, you must be well informed of the special utilities and fixtures you need.

Here are our top tips to effectively design a basement bathroom:

You Must Create Falling Waters

In most basement bathrooms, falling water or pushing waste is needed for an effective drainage system. Water wastage needs to be drained from the basement on a slope and because this system will not be like any normal bathroom on the upper floors, installing it will be expensive. You will need a plumber to inspect the size of your basement pipes and the depth of existing drains.

Choose your Toilet Wisely

Once the plumber inspect your drainage system, choose a toilet that would suit your basement’s drainage system. It is wise to go with your plumber’s recommendation. You can choose an upflushing toilet (which directs the waste through a pipe that runs towards the ceiling), a pressure-assisted toilet (which uses air pressure to flush), a composting toilet (which turns the waste from your toilet into compost you can use for your plants or garden) or a tankless toilet (which is economical yet fashionable.. For an efficient drainage system, use a basement bathroom pump or sewer ejector system (which stores waste temporarily in a small septic tank either above or below ground).

Do not Compromise on the Style

Save some money for the styling aspect of your bathroom because you will have to pick tiles, vanity, bathtub, faucets, shower head and everything else very wisely. However, remember not to go overboard because the simplest styling techniques can go a long way to make your bathroom more attractive. Moreover,it is wise to complement your house’s theme with the basement bathroom to make it look like a part of the house, and not an entirely different entity.

Choose a Design that is Easy to Implement

The bathroom fixtures (the sink, toilet, shower and bathtub) should be installed wisely to avoid clutter. Leave enough space in between different fixtures to make the bathroom look spacious. Think of an easy to execute floor plan while taking the drainage system into consideration. The way you design the bathroom will make all the difference on its atmosphere. Find inspiration from online basement bathroom designs as well.

Lighting is a Game Changer

If possible, try bringing in natural light with a glass-block window. Normally, basements are not exposed to any natural light, so it is crucial to ensure there is enough artificial lighting to make the bathroom look presentable.Bright ceiling lights are ideal for basement bathrooms. Choose lights according to the colors of tiles and bathroom fixtures. For instance, if your bathroom tiles are light grey and bathroom fixtures are porcelain white, the bulbs with soft off-white beam would be ideal.

Images from: Z Apartment by Carola Vannini

Spacious Loft in Amsterdam by i29 Interior Architects

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