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Tea & Wine Bar in Prague by Mimosa Architekti

Discover Jetlag bar located in the centre of Prague, designed by Mimosa Architekti. Offering especially tea and wine but also a delicious coffee, this small bar’s space concept is inspired by travelling through time zones.

The substance of the spatial solution to the Jetlag bar consists in the idea of „cutting its space into time zones“. The curvature of real time zones is generalised in the bar morphology. Each zone begins and terminates with a curve delimiting the space part of concern. The shaping of curves creates particular parts of the bar space – the bar itself, wine and tea shelves, light fixtures, benches. The space is intentionally unclear, as if blurred, in the same way as the time in which one travels a sufficient distance for an adequately long time and frequently enough. Stainless steel was chosen as the basic material. The bright, subtle and only suggested steel curves reflect the imaginary lines delimiting the time zones. The shiny metal associates both the fuselages with riveted sheet metals and the stainless vessels of today‘s wineries as well. – from the architects

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Photo credits: BoysPlayNice 

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