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INTERVIEW: a01 Architektai Talk Ali Chocolate Boutique Interior

Clean and minimalist lines, and shapes have been combined together in order to obtain the integrity of the chocolate production and provide a key role. At first glance, the frozen, ice island reminiscent of chocolate, which is characterized by subtlety and aesthetics, attracts a buyer’s attention. The white interior provides a selection of cleanliness and freshness, which further strengthens the dominance of gourmet desserts.

Lithuanian architects A01 project has become an example of modern design, which reflects the functionality, ergonomics, and the idea of ??integrity. Architects briefly told us about your project and its concept.

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Briefly introduce the concept behind the Ali Chocolate Boutique’s interior.

Project design started from the premises of zoning. We decided to divide the room into 3 zones on both sides of the predicted areas for visitors, and in the middle of their service area. High tables predicted a short stay, and places with armchairs opposite – a longer stay. Purposefully unscrew treats showcase the mall corridor to the flow of visitors. We took galleries mood and colors that bring more attention to the treats. It also introduced a gold mirror reflection, mood diversify.

What were the most important aspects? What has been addressed?

Most attention has been devoted to showcase piece of furniture, for formation of inclined columns and lighting. In other words -to objects that formed the area – made it extraordinarily.

How did You look for the inspiration?

The inspiration of the stories and the customer preferences.

Describe the style which was selected for the project?

The project chose the minimalist style – clean lines, simplicity and clear space structure.

How did you shape the concept in regards to materials, layout, forms?

A sense of space – the unconventional layout of the room and the main fixture scale.

Could You tell us about the materials that were used in your project?

White-painted metal, furniture panel and cast stone.

And finally, the space attracts the customers by the interesting choice of light. Can You tell us about the Lighting Solutions for the interior?

The interior is dominated by a more technical light. For the accents, we decided to make an opening in the wall of LED lights, and a large golden light over the service area.

The project has the style and ideas of the maintenance. Dynamic forms of furniture and lighting creates a sense of otherness, without overburdening space. The spacious layout is consistent, the flow of people and act journeys around the service area.

Intervew by Laura Vanagaite 

Instagram: @laura.vanagaite

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