Factors to Consider When Hiring a Commercial Painter

When it comes to painting your home, office or business premises, nothing compares to the quality of workmanship and attention to detail that a commercial painter can offer. Many people wrongly believe that painting is a simple task. Commercial painters are skilled trade people with years of expertise to draw upon. They achieve professional finishes that are very difficult for amateurs to achieve. (images from: The William Hotel New York A True Celebration of Colour)

Experience and Expertise

Commercial painters are able to create brilliant results each and every time. Painting is a skilled profession that includes nuances and trade secrets honed by consistent practice. A commercial painter will be able to assess a new project very quickly and also foresee any potential problems or peculiarities that will need to be addressed. They will understand the materials best suited for each project and adapt accordingly to ensure the work they do is to a high standard and is long lasting.

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Checking Credentials

When hiring a commercial painter, make sure to ask them how long they have been in the trade and the kind of jobs they are used to doing on a regular basis. A commercial painter, who owns an established business that employs multiple staff members, means others depend on them to run a professional operation that will not disappear overnight.

There are many handymen who are jacks of all trades, but very few of them have the unique specialist knowledge and expertise that a commercial painter can bring to the table.

Speed and Convenience

Painting is a tedious and time consuming task that often seems to take much longer than first anticipated. One of the major benefits of hiring a commercial painter is the speed at which they can complete the job and leave you to enjoy the transformation and the things in life that are most important to you.

Commercial painters in Gold Coast will have all the necessary tools and materials at their disposal, which saves you from buying them for a one time job. There are always hidden expenses that the home handyperson encounters such as drop sheets, special brushes, cleaning products and fillers. Professionals will have everything they need on hand, and they know how to set up their work space to limit expenses, inconvenience and delays.

Professionals have access to a team of people and can complete projects in an incredibly short period of time.

Fixed Price

Another advantage of hiring a commercial painter is the fact that he provides an overall price per job, meaning there are no nasty surprises or padded expenses when the work has been completed. The price will be negotiated before the work, which gives great peace of mind. Some handymen charge an hourly rate and unscrupulously work at a slower pace to extract as much money as possible from those that hire them. Having a fixed price upfront holds everyone more accountable.

Quality and Warrantee

Commercial painters are proud of their work and will happily guarantee the quality of the finished job. Professional businesses depend on their reputation to garner repeat trade and referrals from previous customers. It is a sign of professionalism to find a commercial painter willing to stand by their work with a generous written guarantee.

With so much to offer in terms of expertise, quality, convenience and peace of mind, there are many reasons to hire a commercial painter for your next painting job. Now, repainting can be something to look forward to instead of a dreaded project.


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