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IKEA U.S. launches IKEA Interior Design Service

IKEA’S brand-new program that offers professional, one-on-one interior design at an affordable price

IKEA Interior Design Service
Image courtesy of © IKEA

IKEA U.S. is rolling out a brand-new program called IKEA Interior Design Service offering professional one-on-one interior design guidance to both consumers and businesses. IKEA Interior Design Service will be officially launched across the country on April 11. Everyone will have the chance to get in touch with an IKEA professional and create any area with innovative options at an affordable price.

Image courtesy of © IKEA

Customers can redesign any room in their home, while businesses can update their workplaces, dining establishments, lodging facilities, retail locations, and more. Customers fill out a questionnaire to describe their ideal environment, and a skilled designer is then matched with them to begin the design process. To create an inspired mood board, an unified layout, elevations, in-depth 3D renderings, a lighting plan, a carefully curated product list, home furnishing advice, and material recommendations, the client and interior designer digitally collaborate. IKEA will arrange for transport, assembly, and installation in the last phase to bring the designs to life.


Customers from all around the United States can book an appointment online through to speak with a qualified IKEA Interior Designer and create a design that meets their unique requirements.

Image courtesy of © IKEA
IKEA Interior Design Service
Image courtesy of © IKEA

“We are excited to roll out the new IKEA Interior Design Service program, as we know design is an important part of the shopping experience. We want to support people’s lives at home and at work and help them create their dream space. It is a great opportunity for our well-versed, creative, and talented interior designers to continue to build meaningful relationships and mutual trust with our customers as we provide beautifully designed and affordable solutions that improve their home or business,”

said Abbey Stark, Interior Design Leader for IKEA U.S.

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