Key Interior Design Trends for 2019

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As 2019 approaches, it’s time to start thinking of fresh looks for the home. The new year will bring an array of inspired interior design ideas that allow you to make the most of the space and enhance the rooms that you want to showcase.

If you’re planning on updating your décor, here is a look at the key trends to bring to your home.

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Courtesy of ©Towdesign

The Return of Boho

While 2018 saw a continuation of the minimal theme, where just one look took up each room, we’re mixing things up next year with vibrant boho detailing. Patterns and layers are back, with expressive accessories and whimsical bright pieces replacing the muted tones that have dominated colour palettes for quite some time now.

Instantly update your home with some boho flourishes by adding some 70s-style velvet seating and an oak cabinet like the one by Cox & Cox.

Pretty Passamenterie

Like boho, the fussiness ofpassementerie has long been set aside in favour of subtle touches. Now, it’s time for braids and tassels to make their return. Bright colours and quirky shapes will make this a fun addition around the home.

Mixed Metals

A combination of metals can add a chic effect to the space. Next year we’ll see two or three metallics accentuating the room. Gilded curtains will be mixed with dark iron hues and silver will be offset by bronze materials.

For this trend, it’s about balance. By mixing two or three metals, you are bringing harmony to the rest of the room’s décor and subtly weaving a colour scheme together.

Courtesy of ©Towdesign

Luxurious Living

Opulence is also big in 2019. Luxuriously soft sofas in crushed velvets are complemented by grand metallics, such as copper, silver and deep yellow gold. Another material being added to the luxe trend is marble. Its simple elegance beautifully offsets the rich fabrics and brilliant metals, adding a cool regal element to the style.

Dark Surfaces

Kitchens will be filled with countertops in warm hues and deep colours in 2019. The whites and stone greys of recent years are being switched with dark surfaces. One nod to the trend is by adding the colour of the year to your kitchen.

Night Watch is a green that is rich and is inspired by nature. Its deep tone makes it the perfect choice for channelling the dark surfaces trend.

Dramatic Walls

Like the counter tops, bold colours on walls will be big in 2019. Dark blues, sea greens and vibrant reds can be a dramatic choice but can be toned down with some calm touches. Don’t fear going too far, either. Feature walls are passé and now is the time to commit to the big colours around the room.

What design trends are you feeling excited about? Will you try any of these ideas?

All Images from – 10° home by Towodesign

Argentona apartment by YLAB Arquitectos

Ellipse Waterfall by dhk Architects