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  • Burberry Collaborates With Architect Vincenzo De Cotiis on a New Flagship

    Burberry has collaborated with the renowned architect Vincenzo De Cotiis on a No.1 Sloane Street flagship store. Located in the heart of London, on The Knightsbridge Estate’s new development, this is the first flagship to feature Burberry’s new global design concept that encapsulates the essence of the luxury house. This is a story about a […] More

  • Bathroom Decoration: Enhance Your Shower Experience

        Who wouldn’t want their bathroom to look like a home spa? Enhancing your bathroom is much easier than you may think. Moreover, you don’t have to break the bank to give your bathroom some well-deserved upgrades and make it look like an oasis inside of your home! We will give you all the […] More

  • Everything to Know About Designer Radiators

    If you’re not well versed in the world of radiators, you may have read the title of this post and wondered “what even is a designer radiator?” In homes where people are looking for the best of the best, especially with so many people now working from home (and looking to make things look better), […] More

  • 6 Super Tips for Designing a Functional Home

    Extensive planning for the perfect home construction can never go to waste. Putting a lot of effort and thought into building your dream home is a given. However, understanding the blueprints and floor plans can be difficult for most normal folks to create mistakes. Not knowing which room falls where and how the infrastructure looks […] More

  • The Most Popular Styles Of Mid-Century Modern Sofas

    Flipping through furniture catalogs and from what you see on TV, it is undeniable that the mid-century modern style is making a remarkable comeback. A style that came to be in the 20th century, post World War II, has truly swept over the interior decorating industry and is rightfully being called the “Pumpkin Spice Latte […] More

  • 4 Simple Tips that You Must Adhere for a Beautiful Home

    Creating an inspiring design for your home makes a welcoming first impression for your guests. It is something that any homeowner will want to achieve – a nice feeling for them and their visitors, as admiring the impressive interior design. You have pictured a perfectly styled home and thought, “How can I make my house […] More

  • 4 Simple Tips That You Must Adhere to While Selecting the Ideal Office Furniture

    Are you excited about revamping your old office? Or do you feel your work performance is dwindling? Did you know that office furniture plays an integral role in the workspace as well as performance? You should know that efficient, customized workspace and exquisitely engineered office furniture can make a whole lot of difference! If you […] More

  • Unique Home

    Interior Design Tricks for a More Unique Home

    Interior design trends are constantly changing; what’s in one month is out the next. That’s why when it comes to your home’s design, it’s far better to focus on creating a unique space that represents your tastes, rather than making the mistake of designing a home that focuses purely on the trends of the time. […] More

  • Statement Or Style: Will Dramatic Furniture Fall Back In 2020?

    Interior design trends are always on the move, and in 2019 we saw a lot of bold styles. In particular, homes used sculptural furniture as accent pieces, items that announced their presence and drew attention to themselves. Looking to 2020’s trends, though, we expect to see a step back from these types of statement pieces. […] More

  • The Bright Side: Does Your Office Have Enough Natural Light?

    It’s easy to treat lighting as an afterthought when setting up a workspace, especially if the commercial building you are using already seems resplendent in electrical lighting fixtures. However, office lighting can go far beyond enabling your staff to see what they are working on. A range of health problems, including eye strain, headaches and […] More

  • Take A Tour of Offices in Portugal from Impare Architects

    Offices in Portugal projects from Impare Architects coming our way from Architectural Photographer Ivo Tavares Studio. This Industrial Office project from Impare Architects was completed in the late 2018 in the effort to enlarge the HQ building of PRF the Gás, Tecnologia e Construção, S.A. meeting the need for expansion of the company’s administrative, warehouse […] More

  • How to Convert a Fluorescent Can Light to an LED Light Fixture?

    Are you in the middle of a home renovation project? If so, then there is no doubt you’re considering all aspects of the design, which also means updating your light fixtures. Perhaps it’s not a full out renovation, rather you’re just looking to change the amount and type of lighting you have in your room. […] More

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