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  • 4 Simple Tips That You Must Adhere to While Selecting the Ideal Office Furniture

    Are you excited about revamping your old office? Or do you feel your work performance is dwindling? Did you know that office furniture plays an integral role in the workspace as well as performance? You should know that efficient, customized workspace and exquisitely engineered office furniture can make a whole lot of difference! If you […] More

  • Unique Home

    Interior Design Tricks for a More Unique Home

    Interior design trends are constantly changing; what’s in one month is out the next. That’s why when it comes to your home’s design, it’s far better to focus on creating a unique space that represents your tastes, rather than making the mistake of designing a home that focuses purely on the trends of the time. […] More

  • Statement Or Style: Will Dramatic Furniture Fall Back In 2020?

    Interior design trends are always on the move, and in 2019 we saw a lot of bold styles. In particular, homes used sculptural furniture as accent pieces, items that announced their presence and drew attention to themselves. Looking to 2020’s trends, though, we expect to see a step back from these types of statement pieces. […] More

  • The Bright Side: Does Your Office Have Enough Natural Light?

    It’s easy to treat lighting as an afterthought when setting up a workspace, especially if the commercial building you are using already seems resplendent in electrical lighting fixtures. However, office lighting can go far beyond enabling your staff to see what they are working on. A range of health problems, including eye strain, headaches and […] More

  • Take A Tour of Offices in Portugal from Impare Architects

    Offices in Portugal projects from Impare Architects coming our way from Architectural Photographer Ivo Tavares Studio. This Industrial Office project from Impare Architects was completed in the late 2018 in the effort to enlarge the HQ building of PRF the Gás, Tecnologia e Construção, S.A. meeting the need for expansion of the company’s administrative, warehouse […] More

  • How to Convert a Fluorescent Can Light to an LED Light Fixture?

    Are you in the middle of a home renovation project? If so, then there is no doubt you’re considering all aspects of the design, which also means updating your light fixtures. Perhaps it’s not a full out renovation, rather you’re just looking to change the amount and type of lighting you have in your room. […] More

  • A Pleasant and Enticing Bedroom

    It can be wonderful to be able to retreat to the joys of your own bedroom. It can be particularly wonderful to be able to head to one that is the portrait of coziness. If you want to do your part to design a bedroom that essentially defines pure serenity, then there are without a […] More

  • 5 Best Home Decor Tips to Display Your Art

    Are you still that little kid who gets excited and mesmerized on seeing those beautiful contrasts of colors?! Or do the beautiful antiques, prints, vintages, and paintings wake up that hidden interior designer within you? If yes, then you are definitely at the right place for enhancing the beauty of your house. Displaying artwork is […] More

  • Potterhead: Transform Your Kid’s Bedroom Into a Wizarding World

    No matter your age, you will have fallen in love with the wizarding world of Harry Potter at some point. Despite first being released in 1997, children still adore how the books allow them to immerse themselves in a completely unique world full of magic and mystery. Once they’ve entered this world, however, the standard […] More

  • Interior Design Tips for Those in the Healthcare Industry

    Interior design is the reason you see many of the vibrant, abstract, and interesting properties you do today. Talented people who have an eye for design are able to look at a space and decide the best way such spaces can be decorated and brought to life. If you happen to own a business in […] More

  • What Types of Rugs are Ideal for High-Traffic Areas?

    Are you wondering what types of rugs are ideal for high traffic areas? If so, you have come to the right place! Well-made wool rugs are some of the best rugs for high traffic areas. Most wool rugs hold up well for a relatively long time so are a great investment. However, there are some […] More

  • What Kind of Fireplace Should I Install?

    Whether you’re remodeling your home or building one from scratch, you might be thinking about adding a fireplace. A fireplace typically adds value to your home and, in many cases, can aid your indoor heating. As you begin designing your fireplace addition, you’ll quickly discover just how many fireplace options there are. Which one is […] More

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