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Modern Danish Barn House

Danish Barn House (3)

Mikkel and his wife Mette built their dream house in a rural setting, modelled on a barn house spotted in New Zealand. Their version boast the classic old Danish style, with red wing roof tiles, stucco walls and mullion windows, exposed beams, wood floors and a central wood fire.
The home is filled with natural materials, and there is no plastic or other artificial materials in sight. And it was with longing for nature and inspiration from an old barn they sign their own dream house in North Zealand, with views of both the lake and forest. Last year the family of four finally move into their self-composed dream of 240 square meters – a house built by old classic Danish building style, with red wing tile roof, stucco walls and mullion windows. In heart of the home, room with kitchen, living and dining room, stand massive columns in pickled and oiled pine.

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