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Not Guilty Restaurant by Ippolito Fleitz Group

Not Guilty

Ippolito Fleitz Group have designed a warm space of Not Guilty Restaurant located at the Zurich. For more images and architects' description continue after the jump:

Not GuiltyNot GuiltyNot GuiltyNot Guilty

From the Architects:

The Swiss restaurant chain “not guilty” is the embodiment of honest and nutritious foods, imaginatively prepared into many different salads and snacks. The downtown Zurich location, opened in 2013, is now the 3rd location of the “not guilty” expansion to have opened. In each of these flagship locales, the philosophy of a “little heaven on Earth” is expressed in the store’s interior, inspiring those within to delight in the harmony of nature.

Not GuiltyNot GuiltyNot GuiltyNot GuiltyNot Guilty

The long, open restaurant welcomes its guests with the familiar tones and textures of natural oak wood flooring combined with mixture of delicate white and pastel tones. The entrance focal point is the colorful salad bar, and a menu board designed like a kitchen hutch.

Not GuiltyNot GuiltyNot GuiltyNot Guilty

But even from outside, the guests are invited simply to join the other guests at the long, central, high table canopied by the meandering, white lacquered branches of floor to ceiling trees. Nearby, several other types of seating are also available – something to everyone’s taste. The dominant materials within the space speak to purity, synonymous with the wholesome standard of the chain. Playful and unexpected elements, like the taught, twisted canvas ceiling bands, and the cloud and hemp twine wall graphic underline the attention to, and love of detail – a reflection of the passion and honesty of the “not guilty” family.

Project: Not Guilty Restaurant
Designed by Ippolito Fleitz
Project Team: Gunter Fleitz, Peter Ippolito, Alexander Fehre, Felix Rabe, Katja Heinemann, Tanja Ziegler
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Photography: Zooey Braun

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