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Delvaux Le 27 Store in Brussels by Studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners

The Italian studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners has transformed a historic nineteenth-century Mansion into a luxury retail store for Delvaux, the oldest luxury leather goods house in the world. Located in the hearth of Brussels, on Boulevard de Waterloo, a high-end luxury shopping area, “Le 27” is a space halfway between a concept store and an art gallery.

“Le 27” is based on a completely new, made-to-measure concept: the architects assign a key role to Belgian historical memory, creating a boutique where Delvaux’s philosophy and heritage find their ultimate expression. The rooms are a contemporary interpretation and celebration of the early period of modern design, that was so important in Belgian 20th century culture. An example are the wall displays, conceived as abstract paintings whose design is a homage to Mondrian’s De Stijl artistic movement. The combination of the the richly baroque finish of the wardrobes, the apparently “poor” material and finishes of the wall displays and the out-centred coloured stripes, disrespectful of the classical spaces, creates a balanced cohabitation between classic and modern, order and disorder, rule and exception. – from the architects


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