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GIANT Floor Exhibition Hall by DHB Design

From the square, to the circle. Abnormal but reasonable, unreasonable and wonderful.

Photography by © 404NF STUDIO

DHB Design have recently completed their latest project in Chengdu, China – GIANT Floor Exhibition Hall. The project is situated in Hall 2 of the Fusen Mall in Chengdu, which houses a variety of companies and serves as a hub for an exclusive immersive shopping experience. The project is located on the third floor of the mall, on the left side of the escalator, facing the atrium, although it is simple for shoppers to miss it while they are really in the area. The solution to this issue is a pressing one for design.

Photography by © 404NF STUDIO
Photography by © 404NF STUDIO

In order to highlight the distinctions and bring the two brands together, the designers gave the two brands distinct forms and looked into how they related to one another.


Squares are made up of straight lines and present the norm – denoting standard and integrity.


The circle’s shape is warm and soft, signifying harmony.

Although the outside square and inner circle defy logic, they are both unreasonable and wonderful. They develop an opposing viewpoint with the intention of defamiliarizing the familiar.


We talked with DHB Design about their design inspiration and concept, the project’s main features and the challenges they faced in the design process.

Photography by © 404NF STUDIO
Photography by © 404NF STUDIO

What was the main inspiration behind the project?

Inspiration mainly comes from: trees. Trees have two forms, curved and straight, corresponding to “circle and square”. The combination of form and texture is achieved through the corresponding relationship. In addition, GIANT floor products are based on “wood”, allowing us project more nature-related features in the details.

How did you align the purpose of an exhibition hall behind your design concept?

In fact, the process of combining is the process of exploring square and the circle. In terms of the composition of the space, we give the two brands different forms and explore the relationship between them, hoping to show the difference between the two and unify the two brands in one.

Photography by © 404NF STUDIO
Photography by © 404NF STUDIO

What are the most important features of your project?

The fusion of “square” and “circle” is the most important feature of the project. To use “square” to enter a circle, because “circle” recognizes the square, it is necessary to set off each other between the forms, so as to obtain the beauty of artistic skills. Square is concrete and can be recognized by perception, while circle represents the level of consciousness. The dialectical relationship between square and circle is a movement process from concrete to abstract.

What was the most challenging aspect of this project?

First: the problem of moving lines. The project is located on the left side of the escalator on the third floor of the shopping mall, facing the atrium, but it is easy to be missed by consumers on the actual tourist moving line;

Second: how to integrate two top brands into a limited space, not only can fully demonstrate the advantages of the product, but also conform to the consumption logic, making it a consumption destination, so as to achieve the effect of immersive experience.

Photography by © 404NF STUDIO
Photography by © 404NF STUDIO
Photography by © 404NF STUDIO

What is the impression you would like visitors of the hall to leave with?

We hope that the visitors can feel the charm of elastic aesthetics from the blending of “square” and “circle”. Life does not need to be defined. Not only that, but we also hope that visitors can discover the beauty of Giant Flooring products in an immersive experience.

Project Name: GIANT Floor Exhibition Hall
Project Address: Chengdu, China
Project Area: 120 m²
Design Firm: DHB Design –
Chief Designers: Mark Sun, Yihan
Participating Designers: Tingting Peng, Wei Liu
Construction Unit: Suiyue Decoration Engineering Co., LTD
Design Time: Sept. 2021
Completion Time: Nov. 2021
Opening Time: Jan. 2022
Photography: 404NF STUDIO

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