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Straights Forum Convention Center by HKS, Inc.

Convention Center HKS

Project: Straights Forum Convention Center
Designed by HKS, Inc.
Location: Dadeng Island, Xiamen, China
The remarkable design for Straights Forum Convention Center in Dadeng Island is work of, integral part of the design was the symbolic in the changing relations between Taiwan and the mainland China. For more info and images continue after the jump:

Convention Center HKSConvention Center HKSConvention Center HKSConvention Center HKS

About Project:

The Straits Forum Convention Center shall serve as an iconic symbol to the community and region of Xiamen as a gathering place, celebrating the reunion and open communication between mainland China and Taiwan, through progressive architecture rooted in meaningful form.

The solution is a concept embodied in the simple and pure idea of reuniting two parties in balance with one another. The architectural expression becomes a symbol of invitation and gathering, expressed through a large sweeping roof structure rising upwards in pure visual balance.

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