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  • Zinodotou Studio’s Innovative Revival by Georgios Apostolopoulos Architects

    This revitalization project in central Athens stands as is a clear demonstration of innovative vision of Georgios Apostolopoulos Architects. Their transformation of a former storage space into a dynamic design studio- Zinodotou Studio, breathes new life into a 1970s building nestled within the vibrant Pagrati neighborhood. Beyond mere functionality, the studio was conceived as a […] More

  • NOŪS Santorini: Where Architecture and Art Meet

    NOŪS Santorini, is part of a unique family of hotels, Semiramis Athens, and New Hotel Athens, all three finding a perfect formula of blending architecture and design. All three hotels including NOŪS Santorini are party of the Donkey Hotels Group operated by YES! Hotels.  NOŪS Santorini Architecture & Art The 5 Star art and design […] More

  • Agis Mourelatos

    Retiré Athénien by Agis Mourelatos | Architects

    The Retiré Athénien project by Agis Mourelatos | Architects is reshaping the traditional concept of a penthouse apartment, turning a top-floor flat into a contemporary space that fosters openness, communication, and a unique way of living. Led by the visionary architect Agis Mourelatos, the project showcases a stunning blend of modern design, functionality, and an […] More

  • block722

    Viglostasi Residence by block722

    block722 has recently completed work on this stunning residence in Syros, Greece. The residence exudes the timeless charm of a traditional island settlement, gracefully nestled upon the rugged slopes that overlook the azure expanse of the Mediterranean Sea. This exquisite architectural masterpiece represents a singular, exclusive retreat, harmoniously integrated within the serene and untouched surroundings […] More

  • A31 Architecture designs Latypi Residence

    A31 Architecture designed this stunning residence in a plot with a significant slope and south orientation, located in Choulakia, Mykonos, and overlooking Delos and Rineia islands. The home’s above-ground space is 120 m2, while its underground space is roughly 130 m2. The structure was viewed as a component of a larger project that encompassed the […] More


    TAKA + PARTNERS designs Edge Family Home in Thessaloniki

    TAKA + PARTNERS has recently completed the design of their latest residential project – “Edge Family Home”. The Edge Family Home is a 200m2 apartment that is situated on Thessaloniki’s coastline. To accommodate a family’s demands, it is now undergoing a comprehensive renovation. With an emphasis on balance and the atmosphere of a family home, […] More


    MOLDEE | Bar & Restaurant designed by TAKA + PARTNERS

    TAKA + PARTNERS has recently completed the design of “MOLDEE | Bar & Restaurant in Thessaloniki, Greece. Moldee is a hybrid dining experience that combines fine casual dining with fine drinking. The space is divided into two co-located components, the limits of which are not clearly defined. It is located on the ground level of […] More

  • Arched Residencies on Santorini Island by iraisynn attinom

    Arched Residencies on Santorini Island by iraisynn attinom

    architectural studio iraisynn attinom designed these stunning summer houses in the Oia village in Santorini, Greece. The complex is made up of 8 rectangular monolithic structures with arched ceilings, private yards, swimming pools, and partially open areas. The residential unit is divided into two major volumes, one of which has the living room and kitchen […] More

  • Caeli Villa by Ark4lab of Architecture

    Caeli Villa by Ark4lab of Architecture

    Ark4lab of Architecture designed this inspiring modern private seaside residence located in Thassos, Greece. The villa comprises of 2 levels. On the ground floor you can find the living room, dining room and kitchen on one side, and two guest rooms and a bathroom. On the first floor you can find the main bedroom with a […] More

  • Tower-house I by SOUTH

    SOUTH designed this stunning 200 m2 private residence located in in Greece, in 2012. The Tower-house I interprets a typical  dwelling that could be found in southern Greece, a combination of defense tower and farmhouse. A monolithic, stone structure with few openings, protected dwellers from extensive heat as well as piracy. Take a look at the […] More

  • Olion Villa AA by Ark4lab of Architecture

    Ark4lab of Architecture designed this inspiring modern Mediterranean villa located in Thassos, Greece, in 2016.  The L shaped residence comprises of 2 levels. The ground floor being the living and didning areamwhile the bedrooms are situated on the first floor. In addition, several semi-outdoor spaces blur the boundaries between inside and outside spaces and create […] More

  • Porto Fira Suites by Interior Design Laboratorium

    Interior Design Laboratorium have completely redesigned this stunning property consisting of 13 suites with a Cycladic style, located in Fira, Greece. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

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